New York Times Crossword Answers December 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
De ___ manera (elsewise: Sp.) OTRA
TV host Julie CHEN
Material for outdoor furniture TEAK
Tanning salon fixture UVLAMP
Bad thing to go to POT
They’re beyond belief LIARS
Brilliance ECLAT
William Shatner sci-fi novel TEKWAR
Astronaut’s experience ZEROG
One way to Rome ALITALIA
Courteous host’s request PLEASESTAY
Notification sound PING
Penny, maybe ANTE
Enticing pics of things to eat FOODPORN
Some West African money FRANCS
Start of a fitness motto USEIT
Rambo, for one HEMAN
Up-and-comer ONETOWATCH
Do some course prep? TEEUP
Papyrus, e.g. SEDGE
Goes from Tokyo to Kyoto, say ANAGRAMS
Fixed, as a bow RETIED
Certain high school whiz kid MATHLETE
Locale for touchdowns TARMAC
Taqueria offering TAMALE
Modern torrent EMAIL
Wild West show prop RIATA
Replete RIFE
French government ETAT
He wrote "The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses" OVID
Bon ___ JOVI
Creatures captured in Hercules’ 10th labor OXEN
Informal turndown NAH
Extra-special delivery? OCTUPLET
Rocker whose best-selling album was the punnily titled "Sheik Yerbouti" ZAPPA
Hit reality show starting in 2011 THEVOICE
Formed ranks FELLIN
"If I’m being honest," in modern slang REALTALK
Position ORIENT
Singer/songwriter on Canada’s Walk of Fame ANKA
Feed for news headquarters RAWFOOTAGE
Bazaar parts SHOPS
Least bit, in a phrase RAP
"Sounds like a plan!" LETS
"The ___ and the Fox" (Aesop fable) HEN
Something a mantis has only one of, surprisingly EAR
"Ah, makes sense" NOWISEE
One of two Harrison compositions on the Beatles’ "Let It Be" IMEMINE
Not natural CREATED
Drumming sound RATATAT
Goal for aspiring comedians, for short SNL
When the P.G.A. Championship is held annually: Abbr. AUG
Hard-to-solve problem KNOT
"Skedaddle!" GIT
Uncommon blood classification BTYPE
Informal question to someone who’s late WHEREAREYA
Spanish football powerhouse REALMADRID
Magic charm MOJO
Group of PC gurus ITTEAM
Onetime RCA rival MAGNAVOX
"In actuality …" FACTIS
Absolutely clobbered ATEALIVE
One of the Kennedys ETHEL