New York Times Crossword Answers December 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Score marking CLEF
Powerful engine, for short HEMI
Nighttime Cartoon Network programming block ADULTSWIM
Wipe off the map DESTROY
Start of MGM’s motto ARS
Quaint "I believe" METHINKS
Like Wrigley Field’s walls IVIED
Brave DEFY
Landon who lost in a landslide ALF
Pastoral locale LEA
Big name in 1980s-’90s TV talk ARSENIO
State capital that’s the setting of "Ironweed" ALBANY
Betty ___ BOOP
Mean, lowdown sorts CURS
Court conference SIDEBAR
CNN commentator Navarro ANA
The Cougars of the West Coast Conf. BYU
Determination in a prenatal exam SEX
Holiday meal SEDER
Came down ALIT
Long lunch? HERO
It’s to be expected PAR
Leveled RAZED
Eleven: Fr. ONZE
Cheesy dish RAREBIT
Seminal symbol of mass production MODELT
Paul who sang "Lonely Boy" ANKA
King who said "Nothing will come of nothing" LEAR
Woman’s name that means "truth" VERA
Disloyalty PERFIDY
Loft filler HAY
Director of 1991’s "Mississippi Masala" MIRANAIR
Genesis brother SETH
Early Beatle PETEBEST
Sam who ran the bar on "Cheers" MALONE
Unconcerned with right and wrong AMORAL
Parts of supermarkets DELIS
With 57-Down, very nearly ALL
See 55-Down BUT
Topic at the Kinsey Institute GSPOT
32-ounce purchase at 7-Eleven BIGGULP
Mining supply TNT
Chasm GULF
It decreases a QB’s rating: Abbr. INT
Busy hosp. areas ERS
Best of the best TIPTOP
Knee-highs, e.g. SOCKS
Doesn’t know for a fact, say FEELS
___ buco OSSO
Secreted signal PHEROMONE
El ___ PASO
Cricket rival of Harrow ETON
Material once set afire and put in a catapult TAR
Grasp, informally GROK
Human, typically, diet-wise OMNIVORE
Announcement upon a grand arrival HEREIAM
Entertainment with camels, maybe ICESHOW
It sank after W.W. II YEN
Go cold turkey QUIT
Goaltender Dominik in the Hockey Hall of Fame HASEK
Wrinkle-free, say IRONED
Lincoln’s place CENT
Old movie dog ASTA
___ Valley SIMI
Give a beating DRUB
Go forcefully (through) PLOW
1979 Roman Polanski film TESS
Inc. relative LLC
Win on "Hollywood Squares" OOO
"I shall return," e.g. VOW
Des Moines-to-Dubuque dir. ENE
Add years AGE
Sentence fragments: Abbr. WDS
Neighbor of Sudan CHAD
Queen in the "Star Wars" movies AMIDALA
Basics ABCS
Things that people like to have ripped? ABS
First sentence of a news story LEDE
Party animal REVELER
Comedian who was a regular on "The Steve Allen Show" LOUISNYE
Sources of lean meat EMUS
Comparatively strong, like some French wine? STIFFASABORDEAUX
"Yo!" HEY
Fearful TREPID
1998 De Niro thriller RONIN
Highway noise barriers BERMS
One who’s in it but doesn’t win it ALSORAN
Egyptian leader obsessed with his appearance? VANITYPHARAOH
Certain Lincoln Center soprano? NEWYORKMEZZO
It may pop on a plane EAR
Dietary std. RDA
China’s Chiang ___-shek KAI
Yes or no follower SIREE
Light on one’s feet SPRY
Submissive MEEK
"Totally awesome!" RAD
Bit of food … or feud? BEEF
Part of a house GABLE
Peach ___ MELBA
___-frutti TUTTI
Buttonhole, e.g. SLIT
Shooting craps while waiting for one’s train? ROLLINGINTHEDEPOT
Actress Hatcher TERI
All skin and bones GAUNT
"I had a dream, which was not all a dream" poet BYRON
George Eliot’s "___ Marner" SILAS
Finely decorated GILT
Antagonist FOE
Much of Mongolia STEPPE
Automaker sold by G.M. in 2017 OPEL
Territory TURF
White undercoat GESSO
Broadbrim, e.g. HAT
Inits. for getting around the Loop CTA
Protagonist in David Foster Wallace’s "Infinite Jest" HAL
Comment from a cook who cools the cheese sauce before serving? IRESTMYQUESO
Woodwind that’s O.K. to play? KOSHERPICCOLO
Something that’s free of charge NEUTRON
Weapon seen on the Kenyan flag SPEAR
Big stinks REEKS
Done, slangily FINITO
Units for binge watchers SEASONS
Actor Patel of "Lion" DEV
"Don’t ___ me" TEMPT
Cupid’s catchphrase? LOVEISINTHEARROW
Attention hog’s cry LOOKATME
Vigilant ONGUARD
"The Dukes of Hazzard" spinoff ENOS
Intimidate COW
One of eight in "The 12 Days of Christmas" MAID
Egg-shaped Hasbro toys introduced in 1971 WEEBLES
Certain soft drinks, informally DEWS