New York Times Crossword Answers December 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Work out GETFIT
Common magnet feature USHAPE
Unemotional sort, in slang ICEMAN
H. P. Lovecraft output TALES
"Great" one in Africa APE
Rules, for short REGS
Grammy-winning artist India.___ ARIE
Make fast, in a way MOOR
Game with a 40-millimeter ball, informally PONG
Days of yore, in days of yore ELD
Cried dramatically BOOHOOED
Not many ACOUPLE
Easily cleaned, in adspeak NOMESS
Homer’s beer supplier MOE
You can hardly believe it FISHSTORY
Stops, as an engine STALLSOUT
Totally cheated HOSED
Merchant Samuel who lent his name to a historic island ELLIS
"I Fall to Pieces" singer CLINE
Words with cow or ball HAVEA
Screw over SHAFT
Something ported at a portage CANOE
Like many a purchase weighed at a deli TARED
Guidelines observed in sisterhood GIRLCODE
Bubbling, say ATABOIL
Grasslands SWARDS
Way out FREAKY
Creditor, in financial jargon DEBTEE
They may be liquid ASSETS
What’s always found in quotes? PRICE
Term of endearment HON
Easy things to dial on a rotary phone ONES
"Ol’ Man River" composer Jerome KERN
Letters on old film boxes AGFA
Duchess of ___ YORK
Do some diamond cutting? MOW
Corn site TOE
Piece of equipment at a rock concert GUITARAMP
Abba who was born "Aubrey" EBAN
Commitment you sometimes can’t get out of? ESCAPEROOM
DC Comics supervillain group THELEGIONOFDOOM
Celebrity FAME
Composer Rachmaninoff SERGEI
Coloration HUE
"No bid" IPASS
Bazaar makeup SHOPS
Beauty mark? TEN
Engineer training centers TECHSCHOOLS
Major U.S. city with three pairs of double letters in its name TALLAHASSEE
Went from place to place GALLIVANTED
One who copes by excessive snacking STRESSEATER
Many cos. seek its approval FDA
Children’s character who wears red-and-white stripes WALDO
W.W. I battle site YPRES
"Black-ish" network ABC
"Sure, I guess" UHOKAY
Lee side? REBS
What opening offers often leave ROOMTONEGOTIATE
Founder of Carthage, in myth DIDO
Spongy toy going up in popularity? NERFROCKET
Big bunch SLEW