New York Times Crossword Answers December 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Bug’ GERM
‘Et tu?’ and others ACCUSALS
‘Let’s do this thing!’ ITSON
‘Pretty cool, huh?’ AMAZINGISNTIT
‘Rights of Man’ author, 1791 PAINE
2.5, for the set {1, 2, 3, 4} MEAN
A part of INON
A peeling place? SPA
Accomplishing DOING
Ages and ages EON
All right AOK
All together ENBLOC
Amt. of seasoning TSP
Band with the 1989 platinum debut album ‘Junta’ PHISH
Bear’s advice SELL
Bearlike creature in sci-fi EWOK
Bobcat relative OCELOT
Bubbly mixer TONIC
Cain and Abel’s younger brother SETH
Capital 175 miles east of Venice, Italy ZAGREBCROATIA
Cartoon seller of Duff Beer MOE
Cartoon seller of Squishees APU
Chilled ONICE
City west of Binghamton ELMIRA
Classic sculpture BUST
Classical poem EPODE
Cook in oil FRY
Country united in 1990 YEMEN
Darryl, in the comic ‘Baby Blues’ DAD
Deceitful sort SNAKE
Degree of freedom LEEWAY
Dernier ___ CRI
Desert, in a way GOAWOL
Develop a limp GOLAME
Do sales work, informally REP
Early Cuzco dweller INCA
Egghead? SHORTE
Elected CHOSEN
Email openers HIS
End in ___ ATIE
England and Spain fought one in 1588 SEAWAR
Fantasy novel hero who rides the dragon Saphira ERAGON
Fashion inits YSL
Follows a pattern? SEWS
Former N.F.L.’ers Detmer and Law TYS
Four-hit achievement, in baseball lingo CYCLE
Four-time World Series-winning manager TORRE
Fund-raising org PTA
Give a ring while on the road? ELOPE
Greyhound offering BUSTRIP
Group of pros CRACKTEAM
Group with two top 10 rock operas THEWHO
Grp. with lots of pointers AKC
Guru, maybe SIKH
Harassed, in a sense HAZED
Hardly guzzle SIP
Hawaii’s ___ Day LEI
Hosp. worker LPN
Houston-to-Dallas dir NNW
How many TV shows are shown INHD
Hybrid music genre of the 2010s EMORAP
Immune system component TCELL
In the near future SOONISH
Inside dope source TIPSTER
It’s cut and dried HAY
Jackson 5 member TITO
Johannesburg neighborhood much in the news during apartheid SOWETO
Joyful internet cry WOOT
Lacking polish UNCOUTH
Lightens EASES
Like hand motions during a shell game SWIFT
Like hounds and most bunny rabbits FLOPRED
Like the verbs ‘eat’ and ‘drink’: Abbr IRR
Loch on the border of the Highlands LOMOND
Looks fabulous, in slang SLAYS
Lotion ingredients ALOES
Lottery winner’s cry IMRICH
Marc of fashion ECKO
Material for small buildings? LINCOLNLOGS
Mil. posts FTS
Milo of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ 1968 OSHEA
Minecraft or StarCraft PCGAME
Month of l’année MAI
Most visibly frightened ASHIEST
Much-covered 1955 Bo Diddley hit IMAMAN
Murmur COO
Novel narrated by a soon-to-be mutineer OMOO
Oil crisis? ACNE
One caring for a bebé MADRE
One way to run AMOK
Only three-letter scale note SOL
Philip who wrote ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ ROTH
Philosophy class suffix ISM
Pincher KLEPTO
Places for plugs DRAINS
Plastic dispenser producer PEZ
Poke around SNOOP
Popeye’s boy SWEEP
Port. is part of it EUR
Prefix with business AGRI
Prefix with caching GEO
Proctor’s warning SHH
Professional group with a van NEWSCREW
Pulitzer-winning novelist Jennifer EGAN
Pyrex glass marking PINTMEASURE
Record again RETAPE
Runs to COSTS
Say quickly SPITOUT
See 83-Across TEA
Series of mistakes? GAGREEL
Shapes of some Halloween cookies GHOSTS
Singer Reed LOU
Smirnoff Ice, e.g ALCOPOP
Soft drink options COKES
Something to build on LOT
Students often take them out LOANS
Style influenced by Cubism ARTDECO
Suburb of Chicago OAKLAWN
Superfund org EPA
System used at Gallaudet Univ ASL
The ‘K’ in Kmart KRESGE
The clue for 127-Across, if this shell game weren’t a scam ATTACKWITHAPAW
The clue for 128-Down, if this shell game weren’t a scam ARCTICEXPLORER
The U.S., in Mexico ELNORTE
They have long necks and round bodies LUTES
They’re symbolized by slashes SPARES
Tizzy SNIT
Total jerks ASSES
Typical Vanidades reader LATINA
Underground locale LONDON
Vacation spot RESORT
Verb often said three times in a row NAG
Verbal stumbles ERS
Walks or runs, for short STAT
Warm up for a bout, say SPAR
Westernmost of the ABC Islands ARUBA
When some bars close TWOAM
With 13-Down, herbal brew CHAMOMILE
With politesse NICELY
Word before questions or advice ANY
Work together COACT
Worn-down pencil NUB