New York Times Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Actor Joe of "My Cousin Vinny" PESCI
Corporate raider Carl ICAHN
Trifled (with) TOYED
Three-time Frazier foe ALI
Take a load off SIT
Chinese martial art TAICHI
Neighbor of the radius ULNA
Yanks : New York :: ___ : Washington NATS
Letters on an ambulance EMS
One whose work is on the house? ROOFER
Popular sandwich order TUNASALAD
Make a list of ENUMERATE
Do, re or mi NOTE
Pretentiously showy ARTY
Clean Air Act and others LAWS
Clean Air Act org. EPA
It may be read by a psychic PALM
Grooming implement COMB
Travis of country music TRITT
Liposuction target FAT
Not naturally red-haired, e.g. DYED
Singer Diamond or Young NEIL
Spears at the dinner table ASPARAGUS
"Keep your eyes open!" STAYALERT
Stratford-upon-___ AVON
Hankering YEN
Per person EACH
Drop precipitously DIVE
D.D.E., familiarly IKE
Bad ones are hard to break HABITS
Rapper-turned-TV actor ICET
Wicked one FIEND
___ orange OSAGE
Harder to find RARER
Pageant wrap SASH
Indonesian tourist destination BALI
Naval agreements? AYES
Like a pitch between the ankles and knees LOW
"It’s f-f-freezing!" BRR
"Yippee!" YAY
Falafel holders PITAS
Piano technician TUNER
Start of a countdown TEN
Food-spoiling bacterium ECOLI
"Remember the ___!" ALAMO
Party card game UNO
"Tell me the rumors are false!" SAYITAINTSO
Kook NUT
Revolutionary Guevara CHE
Glowing part of a fire FLAME
Comprehensive, as a report INDEPTH
Put an end to CEASE
2000 Kevin Spacey/Helen Hunt film PAYITFORWARD
Sounding congested NASAL
Smash into RAM
Leave rolling in the aisles SLAY
Approximation: Abbr. EST
Oscar-nominated Enya song from 2001’s "The Lord of the Rings" MAYITBE
Was out to lunch? ATE
Apple tablet IPAD
Dog doc VET
Helped out AIDED
Offer effusive praise LAYITONTHICK
Poe poem that starts "Once upon a midnight dreary," with "The" RAVEN
Long to have ACHEFOR
Capital of Oregon SALEM
Sweetie pie BABE
"That ___ lie!" ISA
Get older AGE
California’s Big ___ SUR
Sign on a boardinghouse window TOLET
Cowboys’ home RANGE
D.D.E.’s predecessor HST
Cheese with holes SWISS
Actress Winona of "Stranger Things" RYDER