New York Times Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Smartphone downloads APPS
Congress’s Freedom Caucus, e.g. BLOC
Nightclub in a Manilow song COPA
Olympics no-no STEROID
Honey brand since 1921 SUEBEE
"The creation of beauty," per Ralph Waldo Emerson ART
"Yuck!" UGH
Maiden name intro NEE
Batter, e.g. ASSAIL
City said to have big shoulders CHICAGO
In great shape HALE
Resource in the Mesabi Range IRON
Cheeky PERT
Hard-to-believe stories YARNS
One in a cast ACTOR
Instrument with cane blades OBOE
Steals ROBS
Hot ones can cause trouble MICS
Capital of Samoa APIA
Sign akin to "Bridge Out" ROADCLOSED
One of the Gershwins IRA
"Hold on, give me a second" IMNOTREADY
Future predictor SEER
Many a pledge drive gift TOTE
Loretta who was the subject of "Coal Miner’s Daughter" LYNN
Word document settings TABS
___ pickle DILL
5 or 6, for a kindergartner, typically AGE
High toss LOB
___ Goose (vodka brand) GREY
Dame of mystery AGATHA
Consecrate ANOINT
Cognizant AWARE
Successful prankster’s cry GOTYA
Melville monomaniac AHAB
Span for The New Yorker WEEK
Know-___ HOW
Appropriate rhyme for "spa" AHH
Roget’s entry: Abbr. SYN
Kindergarten learning ABCS
Place with hot rocks SAUNA
Golf shot near a green CHIP
Cemetery purchase PLOT
Tells to "Do it!" URGES
Long-eared hopper HARE
Sacred Egyptian bug SCARAB
Southern drawl, e.g. ACCENT
Snack you might bite or lick OREO
"Lovely ___" (Beatles song) RITA
Sound technician? MARINEBIOLOGIST
They come with buds IPODS
Space ball ORB
Star-crossed lover of literature ROMEO
Secretive org. CIA
Bare minimum LEAST
Tennis barrier NET
What dropping off a last child at college is, to many parents SADDAY
Star of "An Inconvenient Truth" ALGORE
Giant in health plans CIGNA
Cancel, as a rocket launch ABORT
Beat reporter? ALLENGINSBERG
One not reporting for duty, maybe AWOL
2017, por ejemplo ANO
Cartoon "Ouch!" YEOW
Suffers from HAS
Quaint gestures of gratitude HATTIPS
Noshed ATE
"Right you ___!" ARE
Sister brand of Baby Ruth OHHENRY
It stains DYE
Resting place BED
Executive producer? WHARTON
Blab YAK