New York Times Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
M. ___ Walsh, actor in "Blade Runner" EMMET
Makers of cabinets and violins use it MAPLE
Muse of memory MNEME
Minute length ANGSTROM
Meeting places FORUMS
Meaning of Caesar’s "Veni" ICAME
Maintainer of law and order north of the U.S. RCMP
Midwife to the fairies, in Shakespeare MAB
Manager of a house MADAM
Military schools ACADEMIES
Most direct IMMEDIATE
Make the judgment to be DEEM
Mathematical sets MODULES
Multi-Emmy-winning "How ___ Your Mother" IMET
Modern communications of a sort, in brief IMS
Mansions, for some HOMES
"Melts in your mouth" candy MANDM
Midwest college town AMES
Mining find SEAM
Michigan State, for a Spartans alumnus ALMAMATER
Musician’s tempo keeper METRONOME
Main house on an estate MANOR
Mean relatives? MEDIANS
Motion creates it MOMENTUM
More than a snack MEAL
Mother’s Day flower, in Australia MUM
Monkey, for one SIMIAN
Message on a sign at a televised game HIMOM
Middle state LIMBO
Microwave brand AMANA
Make bones about something DEMUR
Midterms, e.g. EXAMS
Mexican’s hand MANO
Major-___ DOMO
Marksman’s skill AIM
Miss Woodhouse, in literature EMMA
Mattress description FIRM
Marian, in Robin Hood legend MAID
Manfred ___ (1960s band) MANN
Medieval philosopher with a "razor" OCCAM
Maker of outlandish products in Road Runner cartoons ACME
Multimedia file format MPEG
Macho stereotype RAMBO
Maggie Smith, for one DAME
Majestic trees ELMS
Much-maligned official UMP
Monarch’s headband DIADEM
Meeting info for golfers TEETIME
Made music on a comb HUMMED
Motel units: Abbr. RMS
MI6 concern MOLE
"Mamma ___!" MIA
Member of the ancient Ionian League SAMOS
Movie, play and book writer David MAMET
Michelle Pfeiffer film "___ Sam" IAM
Molybdenum, for one: Abbr. ELEM
Mares’ hair MANES
Measure (out) METE
Milliliter, e.g.: Abbr. AMT
Makes repairs on MENDS
Mount Sinai climber MOSES
Mo. with St. Patrick’s Day MAR
Moab’s neighbor, in the Bible EDOM
Math calculation SUM
Material from Angora goats MOHAIR
Mouth-puckering drink LIMEADE
Muhammad Ali fight site MANILA
Muted, as lights DIM
Mountainous state: Abbr. NMEX
Molecular unit ATOM
Model Campbell NAOMI
"Memoir of Glamour and Dysfunction" writer Janowitz TAMA
Marlin’s son, in a Pixar movie NEMO
Matthew Broderick voice role SIMBA
Motto word on the Great Seal UNUM
Mini-metropolis in Utah OREM
Man in the ___ MOON
Mount Olympus, at 72,000 feet, is its highest peak MARS