New York Times Crossword Answers February 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
First name in country REBA
Occasional "S.N.L." host, to "S.N.L." ALUM
Who wrote "Wise men learn more from fools than fools from the wise" CATO
Vixen’s offspring KIT
"110%" effort ONESALL
Vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas FERGIE
Flat tube? LCDTV
Tuna type AHI
Button-___ (hit everything at once, in gamer lingo) MASH
Hippie-influenced fashion trend BOHOCHIC
Grace ___, servant in "Jane Eyre" POOLE
Curries, samosas, etc. INDIANFOOD
Staple of Thai cuisine STICKYRICE
Suffix with magne- TRON
Corduroy rib WALE
Turns on ENABLES
Highlighter color NEONYELLOW
Big name in escalators OTIS
Diamonds, e.g. SUIT
Smartphone heading CONTACTS
Some back-and-forth CHAT
Mythical piper FAUN
Voluptuous SHAPELY
Kind of column SPINAL
Another name for Pluto HADES
Used too much TRITE
Jazzman Baker CHET
Reid of "Sharknado" TARA
Luxury hotel in London’s Piccadilly district, with "the" RITZ
Word after who, what or where ELSE
Hacker’s tool AXE
Part of a gig MEG
Its ribs stick out RACKOFLAMB
"Fiddlesticks!" PISH
First Chinese-American cabinet member ELAINECHAO
Seeing through ONTO
Where to stick a stick BUTTERDISH
Owner of the horse Sleipnir ODIN
Latin 101 word AMO
Abbr. before Friday SGT
Improvised jazz strain HOTLICK
Surrender WAIVE
Showing signs of age CREAKY
Rapidly down INHALE
Artsy L.A. district NOHO
Washington Post competitor: Abbr. NYT
"Jurassic Park" co-star Sam NEILL
Teddy material SATIN
Not to, say FRO
Like the function ax^3 bx^2 cx d CUBIC
Come up with COIN
Word sometimes elided to its middle letter AND
Thwarts FOILS
[!!!!] SHOCK
The Romans obtained a purple one from snails DYE
Draw money? ANTE
They’re often drawn at night SHADES
Base order TENHUT
Mar. figure STPAT
Record of the year? ALMANAC
Castigate RIP
Colosseum crowd? TRE
Dropped, as poll numbers SLID
Certain Internet hoax CHAINEMAIL
Take a hit TOKE
News of flight delays, say TEXTALERTS
Sources of ricotta cheese EWES
Unwavering look STEELYGAZE