New York Times Crossword Answers July 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Backbone SPINE
Shore birds TERNS
Officials crying "Offside" and "Pass interference" REFS
Commotion ADO
Opposite of bests WORSTS
No-good thief CROOK
Lair DEN
Sometimes good, sometimes bad HITORMISS
"Hello" singer of 2015 ADELE
Gumption MOXIE
Take a yacht out SAIL
Singer Lovato DEMI
Scoundrel CUR
Rubbing the wrong way? CHAFING
"Wailing" instrument SAX
Stately shade trees ELMS
Gives a new account of RETELLS
Annoying feature of an online stream LAG
In the manner of ALA
Means of tracking workers’ hours TIMECARDS GOV
"Now ___ seen it all!" IVE
Restroom sign MEN
Flying geese formation VEE
Sea slitherer EEL
It’s fixed for a prix fixe meal MENU
Pr�ncipe’s sister island SAOTOME
6 or so, for first graders AGE
Release from being caught on a nail, say UNSNAG
Adheres to, as a rule OBEYS
Old-fashioned "Awesome!" NEATO
"I ___ see that coming!" DIDNT
What smells NOSE
Pigs ___ blanket INA
Like some ancient characters RUNIC
Embellish ADDTO
What rolling stones don’t gather MOSS
Force-ful characters? JEDI
Cacophony DIN
Like some library books and babies DUE
Building material for the first little pig STRAW
Some bank offerings, for short CDS
___ and cheese HAM
Swim meet coverage? SPEEDO
Nancy who solves mysteries DREW
Words said at the altar IDO
President’s plane AIRFORCEONE
___-Mex TEX
Roadside stops INNS
Wrestling for 400-pounders SUMO
Rod-shaped bacterium ECOLI
Broadway’s "___ Miz" LES
Cry before "You’re out!" STRIKETHREE
Dorm figs. RAS
Actor Hemsworth of "The Hunger Games" LIAM
Material for a tight-fitting glove LATEX
Landed, as on a branch ALIT
Actions on the dance floor MOVES
"Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm" ISEE
Conclusion of a close World Series GAMESEVEN
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Flair ELAN
Brand of sheepskin boots UGG
He-sheep RAM
Beauty’s partner, with "the" BEAST
Charged particles IONS
Martial art that’s an Olympic sport JUDO
Big feature on a donkey EAR
Miscellany … or a description of the final words in 15-, 23-, 30-, 38- and 43-Across ODDSANDENDS
Since Jan. 1 YTD
Word repeated in "It’s ___, all ___!" MINE
Tax cheats’ fears AUDITS
"Hel-l-lp!" SOS
Suffix with differ ENT
Insurance company with a lizard mascot GEICO