New York Times Crossword Answers March 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Uniform ALIKE
"There’s not a ___ can do" LOTI
Word with family or Christmas TREE
Main, say PIPE
Wave function denoter in quantum mechanics PSI
Some Vietnam War protests BEINS
Disney’s "___ & Stitch" LILO
Corresponding exactly ONETOONE
Frat party stunt KEGSTAND
Suffix in linguistics EME
Popular word game GHOST
Soap box? TVSET
Bolt (down) WOLF
Like Tom Thumb WEE
What someone may be holding while waiting TRAY
Kind of roe SHAD
What had a double standard in the Bible? ARK
Try to win VIEFOR
Uniform SAME
Ruckus STIR
Fashion designer Ecko MARC
Traveler to a certain 27-Across HAJI
Request at the dentist’s OPENWIDE
"How dare they!" THENERVE
Regret RUE
"Apologies" IMSORRY
Rushed HADAT
Red ___ ARMY
Red ___ DYE
Cut back PRUNE
Snail trail SLIME
Paragraph in the newspaper, say ITEM
Look the wrong way? LEER
Subject of a cellphone cap DATA
Move like a fairy FLIT
Biological duct VAS
Palooka LUG
Genre akin to indie rock ALTPOP
Fellow BLOKE
Co-organizer of the 1970 Women’s Strike for Equality GLORIASTEINEM
Modern topic in race relations WHITEPRIVILEGE
Sci-fi natives of the planet Kashyyyk WOOKIEES
Little monsters SNOTS
Programming keyword ELSE
Longtime TV tavern MOES
To whom Durocher was referring when he said "Nice guys finish last" OTT
Little wriggler EFT
Wise one SAVANT
Go through the roof SOAR
Where bows may be made SHRINE
It’s described as fine and flakelike in Exodus MANNA
Piece of glib journalism often written under a tight deadline HOTTAKE
Theatrical hybrid DRAMEDY
Insect that’s born pregnant APHID
8, e.g. FIGURE
"Are you blind, ump?," e.g. JEER
Course on courses, for short HOMEEC
Tearing up, say SAD
Tolkien’s Prancing Pony, for one INN
3, 4, 5 and occasionally more PARS
Opposite of doddery SPRY
Quite off WEIRD
Lover of history? OLDFLAME
Field in which a helmet and gloves are often worn VIRTUALREALITY
Award-winning Cartoon Network series with Finn the Human and Jake the Dog ADVENTURETIME
Repeated lyric in the Who’s "Tommy" SEEME
Twist and turn GYRATE