New York Times Crossword Answers November 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ poet MOORE
‘How cool!’ OOH
‘I dare you to do better!’ TOPTHAT
‘I ___ talking to you!’ WASNT
‘Impossible!’ CANTBE
‘Old World Style’ pasta sauce brand RAGU
‘Ready?’ response IMSET
‘You know who this is’ ITSME
‘Yuck!’ EWW
‘___ pasa?’ QUE
‘___ said …’ EASIER
1969 self-titled jazz album ELLA
2016 film set in Polynesia MOANA
A part of Life? OAT
A/C stat BTU
Abbr. in a military title RET
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actress Thurman UMA
All-day gripe sessions? SQUAWKATHONS
Alleged psychic exposed by the Amazing Randi URIGELLER
Altar sites APSES
Alter ego on ‘The Simpsons’ ELBARTO
Animal with a flexible snout TAPIR
Apollo 11’s Eagle, for short LEM
Bacilli shapes RODS
Basis of the plot of ‘Gone Girl’ FRAMEUP
Birthplace of Emily Dickinson AMHERST
Brazil’s ___ Bernardo do Campo SAO
Brightest star in Orion RIGEL
Buccaneer’s quaff GROG
Canadian coin, informally LOONIE
Cardboard container: Abbr CTN
Chefs’ hats TOQUES
Choreographer Ailey ALVIN
Cigar City, so-called on account of a former major industry TAMPA
Civil rights activist Guinier LANI
Co-authors Margret and H. A REYS
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Corp. budget item RANDD
Countenance MIEN
Cousin of a spoonbill IBIS
Cuckoo or dodo? SQUIRRELYBIRD
Dark times, informally NITES
Decorative garden item URN
Depend (on) RELY
Deranged, in slang MENTAL
Direct (toward) ORIENT
Document certifiers, for short INITS
Early title for Julius Caesar EDILE
Easy question LOB
Emmy-winning actor on ‘The West Wing’ ALANALDA
Enero a diciembre ANO
Enumerations of things to be sat on? SQUISHLISTS
Equality-promoting org ACLU
Et ___ (footnote abbr.) SEQ
Fast-paced two-player card game SPIT
Fictional creature made from heat and slime ORC
Flower colored by Aphrodite’s blood, in myth REDROSE
Forgeries FAKES
Gay who wrote ‘Frank Sinatra Has a Cold’ TALESE
General ___ chicken TSOS
Gilbert who wrote ‘Love and Death on Long Island’ ADAIR
Glacial deposit MORAINE
Green shells PEAPODS
Habiliments DRESS
Henry VII’s house TUDOR
High school sweethearts STEADIES
Hungers YENS
In a senseless way INANELY
Irritate PIQUE
Is plenty angry FUMES
It may have a ring to it EAR
Kind of vaccine SALK
Laker legend with a size 22 sneaker, informally SHAQ
Leash, e.g STRAP
Lee who co-created the Avengers STAN
Letters of warning on internet sites NSFW
Lhasa ___ (dogs) APSOS
Like a rope in tug of war TAUTENED
Like Corinthian columns ORNATE
Like pre-1917 Russia TSARIST
Like rebate coupons, typically MAILEDIN
Line (up) QUEUE
Locale for a flock LEA
Lucy’s place, in a Beatles song THESKY
Mariner’s org NASA
Mr. Magoo biopic? SQUINTERSTALE
Munchies, say EATS
N.Y.C. subway letters MTA
Nonreactive INERT
Northern Iraqi KURD
Not an elective: Abbr REQ
Not related? UNTOLD
Off base INERROR
Ones in a mess, informally GIS
Ones on the outsides of brackets SEEDS
Opposition FOE
Part of many German names VON
Patronized a restaurant DINEDOUT
Philbin’s onetime morning co-host GIFFORD
Polish movie named Best Foreign Language Film of 2014 IDA
Polished URBANE
Pot growers? BETS
Pot-au-___ (French stew) FEU
Prepares cube steak? SQUARESTHEBEEF
Question: Abbr INQ
Questionable SKETCHY
Radiologist’s tool, for short MRI
Resembling down FLOSSY
Roadblock IMPASSE
Rosetta Stone discovery site NILEDELTA
Salad alternative SOUP
Sloppy sort PIG
Small MINI
Small songbird WREN
Snitched on, with ‘out’ RATTED
Something absolutely necessary AMUST
Song words before ‘the World’ and ‘the Champions’ WEARE
Soprano Renata SCOTTO
Sorting category on iTunes ARTISTS
Source of much of Google’s income ADS
Spinny pool shot MASSE
Suffix with market EER
Theatricalize EMOTE
Those who believe everything has a spirit ANIMISTS
Tightwads’ opposites SPENDERS
Trickster IMP
Trouble maker HASBRO
Unspecified degree NTH
Vacuum tube component DYNODE
Vineyard designation CRU
Was on a crowded bus, say STOOD
Ways out of embarrassing situations? SQUIRMHOLES
What Lionel Messi wears TEN
Work out SOLVE
___ Cayes (Haitian port) LES
___ milk SOY