New York Times Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Ask about it at work’ sloganeer, once AFLAC
‘Darn it!’ DRAT
‘I’ve found it!’ EUREKA
‘O.K., understood’ NOTED
‘___ and the Real Girl’ (Ryan Gosling film) LARS
*Carved figurine popular around Christmas WOODDEER
*Figurehead? BOOKKEEPER
*Pet cage feature FEEDDOOR
*Sugar craving SWEETTOOTH
*What never goes unpunished, it’s said GOODDEED
*Wheelchair foot strap HEELLOOP
Affirm AVOW
Anticipatory time EVE
Aussie hopper ROO
Baseball execs GMS
Big game ELK
Big name in skin care AVEENO
Bit that might have the heading ‘About Me’ BIO
Boat in ‘Jaws’ ORCA
Brandishes WIELDS
Coin of many countries EURO
Common place for a sports injury, for short ACL
Cultural value system ETHOS
Emceed, e.g LED
Expense item for a political campaign SPOTAD
Fantasy beast OGRE
Far from fuzzy, for short HIDEF
First word of the Lord’s Prayer OUR
Garlic unit CLOVE
Google’s web browser CHROME
Half of a colon DOT
Iraq War concerns, for short WMDS
Kerfuffle ADO
Kind of food or footage RAW
Kindle competitor NOOK
Knight’s title SIR
Ladies’ men ROMEOS
Leave out OMIT
Like a jigsaw puzzle DIECUT
Like some enemies or testimonies SWORN
Little sucker LEECH
Manhattan’s home: Abbr KAN
Mined find ORE
Niihau neckwear LEI
No longer a minor GROWN
O. J.’s alma mater USC
One crying foul? REF
Order to relax ATEASE
P ___ psychology (unhelpful spelling clarification) ASIN
Post-W.W. II alliance NATO
Prez with the same initials as an N.Y.C. landmark GWB
Princess created by L. Frank Baum OZMA
Running behind LATE
Russia’s seizure of Crimea, e.g LANDGRAB
Scenario before extra innings TIE
See 37-Across DOUBLE
Seed case POD
Sights at malls on Black Friday CROWDS
Small change CENT
Snapchat’s ghost, e.g LOGO
Son of Aphrodite EROS
Stench ODOR
Teenager’s woe ACNE
U.N. agcy. headquartered in Geneva ILO
University of New Mexico team LOBOS
Video game lover of Princess Peach MARIO
Website subscriber’s creation: Abbr ACCT
What people know about you, informally REP
Whom Dory and Marlin found, in film NEMO
With 39-Across, impressive basketball feat … or a feature shared by the answers to the six starred clues TRIPLE
Witnessed SEEN
Yale, affectionately OLDELI
___ fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm) ATRIAL