New York Times Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘I beg to differ’ NOTSO
*Catalog from a London raincoat designer? MACBOOK
*Conveyance in a multilevel London store? SHOPLIFT
*French fries on a London card table? POKERCHIPS
*Monthly charge for a London apartment? FLATRATE
*Part of a London police officer’s uniform? BOBBYSOCKS
90° from ENE NNW
Add, per a recipe STIRIN
Airer of Ken Burns documentaries PBS
Amusement FUN
Arrives on time for MAKES
Atkins plan, e.g LOWCARBDIET
Beat people? COPS
Bulletin board item TACK
Cardinal ___ SIN
Cat once prized for its fur OCELOT
Character-building youth org BSA
Conductors set them TEMPOS
Crush, in a way, with ‘on’ STOMP
Dagwood’s bratty neighbor ELMO
Dos y cuatro SEIS
Familiar voice since 2011 SIRI
Final frame in bowling TENTH
First lady after Eleanor BESS
First X, say TIC
Follower of the first intermission ACTII
Fool’s gold PYRITE
Frida who was portrayed in film by Salma Hayek KAHLO
Furtive ‘Hey, you!’ PSST
George who played Norm on ‘Cheers’ WENDT
German automaker OPEL
Gets ready to play basketball, say, with ‘up’ LACES
Harry Potter’s Hedwig, e.g OWL
Herd unit HEAD
Home of the Ewoks ENDOR
Ike’s home state: Abbr KAN
Is a first-stringer STARTS
Johnny Appleseed, e.g NOMAD
Learjet competitor CESSNA
Lennox of Eurythmics ANNIE
Like a doctor’s penmanship, stereotypically SLOPPY
Lucy’s sitcom pal ETHEL
Man’s name that means ‘king’ ROY
Many a rapper’s name ALIAS
Mechanism in a unidirectional wrench RATCHET
Message on an offstage card CUE
Mineral in bath powder TALC
Mushroom used in sukiyaki ENOKI
Org. with the Original Six teams NHL
Palindromic farm animal EWE
Perfectly TOATEE
Place for a sword SHEATH
Rascal SCAMP
Remove with a sandblaster, say STRIP
Roll-call call YEA
Sen. Cruz TED
Sign of spring THAW
Sine’s reciprocal, briefly COSEC
Some narrative writing EPOS
Spot in la mer ILE
St. Patrick, for the Irish ICON
Suffix with sex ISM
Synthetic alternative to silk RAYON
Targets AIMSAT
Taxpayers’ IDs SSNS
TKO caller REF
Verbal digs BARBS
Weaselly sort SNEAK
What 61-Down teams play on ICE
What curtains may signify END
What follows a cry of ‘Char-r-rge!’ ATTACK
What like-pole magnets do REPEL
Words before double or take ONTHE
Words found in the answers to this puzzle’s starred clues BRITISHISMS
___ Harry, vocalist for the band Blondie DEBORAH