New York Times Crossword Answers November 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Here, boy!’ COME
‘Listen! You can hear the thundering roar as the car from Moscow goes ___!’ RUSSIANPAST
‘On the double!’ ASAP
‘The race has just begun, and it looks like the car from Warsaw will ___!’ POLEINTOFIRST
‘This round’s ___’ ONME
‘We’re getting close to the end as the car from Helsinki leads the way to the ___!’ FINNISHLINE
‘Wheel of Fortune’ turns SPINS
‘Wow! The car from Prague ekes out the victory by a nose and takes the ___!’ CZECHEREDFLAG
Absorber of UV rays OZONE
Andy’s partner in old comedy AMOS
Animal whose name sounds like a Greek letter GNU
Barely ahead UPONE
Basic readings for a hospital patient VITALS
Benefit AVAIL
Bonkers ZANY
Cartridge contents AMMO
Circle on a cube PIP
Compare LIKEN
Crow’s cry CAW
Currier’s partner in lithography IVES
Desktop computer that runs Safari IMAC
Diamond, e.g SHAPE
Dwells (on) HARPS
Eclipse, to some OMEN
Factor in diagnosing osteoporosis BONEMASS
Foxy SLY
Hearty laugh YUK
Hook’s henchman SMEE
Hustler’s game MONTE
Imprecise, as a memory HAZY
In good health FIT
Instant replay effect SLOMO
It ‘keeps the cold out better than a cloak,’ per Longfellow LOVE
James Bond, e.g AGENT
Kind of fishing or diving DEEPSEA
Letters on a wanted poster AKA
Like many a new parent SLEEPY
Like many a smoker’s voice RASPY
Limber AGILE
Luau accessory LEI
Lungful AIR
Make a decision OPT
Message to one’s followers TWEET
Negative conjunction NOR
Nuisances PAINS
Off-limits activity NONO
Old royal house TUDOR
Online comment POST
Person with dreads RASTAFARI
Ponytail holder SCRUNCHIE
Quaffed DRANK
Rare grandfather clock numeral IIII
Religious recluse EREMITE
Sailor’s ‘Stop!’ AVAST
Sandinista’s foe CONTRA
Shallow water obstacle REEF
Sites for Christmas lights EAVES
Something kept in reserve? OIL
Son of Rebekah ESAU
Steps up? RUNGS
Supermarket IDs UPCS
Switch positions FLIPFLOP
Tarnish MAR
Tennis score just before winning a game ADIN
Timbuktu’s land MALI
Tubman of the Underground Railroad HARRIET
Victor who wrote ‘Les Misérables’ HUGO
Where China is FAREAST
Wife in Oaxaca SENORA
Word in many university names STATE
World Golf Hall-of-Famer Lorena OCHOA
Worry FRET
Wound on a dueler STAB