New York Times Crossword Answers November 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
‘Toodle-oo!’ CHEERIO
‘You can’t stop me!’ IGOTTA
Amateurs NONPROS
Asian capital that’s home to Jokhang Temple LHASA
Assumed the hero pose, in yoga KNELT
Attack, as a gnat SWATAT
Attraction on the bank of the Yamuna River TAJMAHAL
Beam that might hit someone hard? JIM
Board near a gate ENPLANE
Branch from an artery EXITLANE
Brandy cocktails STINGERS
Brave person, typically? ATLANTAN
Bread also called khamiri NAN
Cal tecs? SFPD
Childproofing option LATCH
Chip maker CHISEL
Chocolate truffle filling GANACHE
City govt. official ALD
Cogitate (on) CHEW
Compact Mercedes-Benz ACLASS
Dearest, in Dijon CHERI
Dish whose name means ‘pierce flesh’ SASHIMI
E.R. staples IVS
Enhance, as a recording REMASTER
Fall ___ GUY
Ferris wheel part CAR
Fictional hero who wore a sombrero cordobés ZORRO
Fitbit had one in 2015, for short IPO
Football lineman CENTER
Former telco giant GTE
Go for DIG
Goes through the motions of? REENACTS
Got things down ATE
Heretofore AGO
High-and-mighty sort SNOOT
It has the world’s highest per capita income QATAR
Its shell isn’t hard SOFTTACO
Literary orphan who lived for a while in a cupboard POTTER
Meter masters POETS
Name on an annual literary award AGATHA
No longer flexible SET
Not even slightly INNOWAY
Not remote ONSITE
One forced to take the blame GOAT
One surrounded at sea ISLE
Oscar follower, in communications PAPA
Parenting challenges IMPS
Person picking a ticket VOTER
Pincered bugs EARWIGS
Plan for later yrs IRA
Quick flight HOP
Sack AXE
Sci-fi beeper ARTOO
Sci-fi TV series before ‘DS9’ TNG
Singer Green and others ALS
Snapping … as suggested by some black squares in this puzzle FLIPPINGONESLID
Something the narrator of ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’ threw up SASH
Squids’ squirters INKSACS
State quarters? PALACE
Staten Island Railway inits MTA
Summer shade TAN
Thanks for waiting TIP
Tranquil SEDATE
Trattoria treat TORTONI
Trumpet vine, e.g CREEPER
Villain whose alter ego is Edward Nigma RIDDLER
What can get two feet higher OTTOMAN
What we have ‘in order not to die of the truth,’ per Nietzsche ART
With only slight provocation … as suggested by some black squares in this puzzle ATTHEDROPOFAHAT