New York Times Crossword Answers November 24th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bleaches WHITENS
Do another take RESHOOT
Virtuoso ARTISTE
Actress Streep MERYL
Former White House family OBAMAS
Start of a Julius Caesar quote VENI
Locale of 10% of the world’s oil reserves IRAN
Start of a Julius Caesar quote ETTU
Group with five #1 R&B hits in the 1990s JODECI
Declaration at the end of a chess game IRESIGN
Closet item, for short VAC
Higher-priced burger meat ELK
Original "Star Trek" cast member TAKEI
Bit of doctoral graduation regalia TAM
"Silly me!" DOH
Fashion inits. YSL
Youngest player ever to win the Calder Memorial Trophy ORR
Singer Chris ISAAK
Many a fortysomething, for short XER
Extra conditions ANDS
Numerical prefix OCTO
"Wasn’t ___ most peculiar man?" (Simon & Garfunkel lyric) HEA
Stage after pupa IMAGO
They follow the nus XIS
Broke fast? ATE
High degree PHD
"The Office," originally BRITCOM
1971 double-platinum album for the Doors LAWOMAN
Flow (from) EMANATE
Patronizes, in a way DINESAT
C2H6, familiarly ETHANE
Suffix with journal ESE
Extremely considerate SOKIND
Precursor to Windows MSDOS
Quick hits JABS
4,046.86 square meters ACRE
Rock’s M�tley ___ CRUE
Nothin’ NADA
Opening for a personal view IMO
Prefix with G.M.O. NON
Completion of filming WRAP
"Se7en," "Nine" or "10" MOVIE
Phony talk JIVE
"My ___!" HERO
Onetime reviewer of 5-Acrosses EBERT
Kind of argument ORAL
Rushed RANAT
Set of 108 for Uno DECK
Halftime show? THIRTYMINUTES
Bringer of light, in myth EOS
Start of a well-known roll call: Abbr. ALA
A little sharp ACIDY
Unacceptable NOTOK
Double feature? SIXAMIGOS
What plays to both sides? STEREO
Booker or Tester: Abbr. SEN
Toronto and Ottawa are in it, for short NHL
Triple play? RICHARDIX
Radioed info, for short APB
After-dinner option TEA
Looked favorably (upon) SMILED
Fourth estate? THREEOAKS
"Me too," more formally ASAMI
Things thsi cluee needs sevaral of EDITS
"Wow!" OMG
Unhealthy-looking WAN
Smallpox victims of the 1500s INCA
Good word to know if you love Latin? AMAS
A new one is nearly invisible MOON
The star Mars BRUNO
___ point DATA
Words of generosity ONME
Sometimes they’re the pits SEEDS
Work without ___ ANET