New York Times Crossword Answers November 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Muslim worship leaders IMAMS
Foreign exchange student in "American Pie" NADIA
"___, the angel of the Lord came upon them": Luke ANDLO
Corner square in Monopoly JAIL
Either of two wives of Henry VIII ANNE
___ opus MAGNUM
Like Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station, according to Guinness BUSIEST
Q-V connection RSTU
Actor Driver of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ADAM
New York’s Stonewall Inn, e.g. GAYBAR
Cretan who had the Labyrinth built KINGMINOS
WNW’s opposite ESE
Iraq War worry, for short [2002] WMD
Puppy’s bite NIP
Channels 14 and up, for short UHF
April fools’ sign? ARIES
Inoperative DEAD
Lentil dish at an Indian restaurant DAL
G.I. tour grp. USO
Money left on the table? TIP
Subj. for U.S. citizens-to-be ESL
Petty objection CAVIL
Part of a musical instrument made from spring steel PIANOWIRE
Porgy’s partner BESS, e.g. URL
Serving from a trolley TEA
Western native UTE
Play (with) TOY
Baseball’s Ken Jr. or Sr. GRIFFEY
When repeated, baby’s utterance GOO
Explosive in a stick TNT
Santa’s laugh HOHOHO
Video game princess ZELDA
"Skoal!" alternative SALUT
Soap-on-___ AROPE
Chrysler Building’s style, briefly DECO
Not just mine OURS
Kind of collar ETON
Holler YELL
Snapchat or Dropbox [2010] APP
One of 13 popes LEO
Facing difficulty INAJAM
London’s ___ Gardens KEW
"Hasta ___" MANANA
Prime rating org. USDA
Belief, informally ISM
Contributing (to) ADDING
Neither raise nor fold, in poker STAY
Homer’s next-door neighbor on "The Simpsons" NED
Rollover problem? [1997] MILLENNIUMBUG
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
Something a driver may "hang" UIE
Jazz pianist Jamal AHMAD
Spectacular disaster [2016] DUMPSTERFIRE
H&R Block staffers CPAS
Start of the season? TIS
Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" NIA
Rescue from insolvency [2008] BAILOUT
Demoted [2006] PLUTOED
Wife of Juan Per�n EVA
Agency issuance, in brief REG
Get rid of TOSS
Gender-neutral pronoun [2015] SINGULARTHEY
John B, in a Beach Boys hit SLOOP
Particle physics suffix INO
When doubled, a Gabor sister ZSA
Annual American Dialect Society award given to seven answers in this puzzle WORDOFTHEYEAR
Sacha Baron Cohen’s "Da ___ G Show" ALI
Egg: Fr. OEUF
Verdi opera based on a Shakespeare play OTELLO
Cent or capita preceder PER
One chain by one furlong ACRE
"Now wait just one second!" HOLDUP
"The Fall of the House of Usher" writer POE
Airing after midnight, say ONLATE