New York Times Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Triple Crown venue BELMONT
Domain of Pan, in Greek myth ARCADIA
Genre for Dire Straits and Steely Dan, facetiously DADROCK
Leave from the gate TAXI
Supreme Egyptian god AMENRA
Hetero, say NONGAY
1/100 of a Polish zloty GROSZ
Desire YEN
Sound preceding a ripple PLOP
Draws out ELICITS
Rampaged RANAMOK
Measure of disorder, in thermodynamics ENTROPY
Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio APOSTATES
Patella protector KNEEPAD
Town ___ (bygone official) CRIER
World capital on a fjord OSLO
Dakota, Iroquois, Arapaho DIATRIBES
Classical music style whose name means "new art" ARSNOVA
Lifeguard’s skill, for short CPR
Heavy 39-Down SOUSE
Heavy competition? SUMO
Bat first LEADOFF
Joint release? PAROLEE
Foe of Beowulf GRENDEL
Bar patron DRINKER
In this puzzle it starts B-E-L ONEDOWN
Body of water next to Antarctica ROSSSEA
"Absolutely!" YOUBET
Guarantee ENSURE
African soccer powerhouse GHANA
Cash holder TILL
Crunchy diner orders BLTS
One of the Kardashians KIM
Rotten BAD
Like kiwis and mangos TANGY
Member of la famille PERE
The Depression or the Cold War ERA
Dean Martin’s "That’s ___" AMORE
Writer Edgar ___ Poe ALLAN
TV screen inits. LCD
Element next to iodine on the periodic table XENON
Make an identification digitally? POINT
Midas, Agamemnon, Richard MARKINGS
Pursuer in a chase scene COPCAR
Have too much of, briefly ODON
Products that gradually dull RAZORS
"I believe," on the internet IMO
Something much-wished-for for people NICEDAY
Actor George with over 10 million Facebook followers TAKEI
Feature of a 26-Across, maybe CLEARSKY
Polo, archery, soccer PASSPORTS
The U.S. Women’s Open is part of it LPGATOUR
Ewoks’ home moon ENDOR
Body part that vibrates EARDRUM
Simple choice YESORNO
"Chances ___ …" ARE
Equiangular shape ISOGON
Competes (for) VIES
Terse response to "I’m sorry" DONTBE
Heart, U2, Slayer HUSBANDS
Many a jukebox tune OLDIE
World capital where Pashto is spoken KABUL
Some U.F.C. victories KOS
Senses FEELS
Not moving INERT
Flock member EWE
Cut down FELL
Chess finishes MATES
Retrovirus molecule RNA