New York Times Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Shout accented on the second syllable OLE
Fashion inits. YSL
Vehicle that gets cell service? SOLARCAR
One doing a mob hit ICER
Mob boss Frank NITTI
I.M.’ing option GCHAT
Agcy. issuance REG
NPR journalist Shapiro ARI
He adopted Esther in the Book of Esther MORDECAI
Sex drive and others PRIMALURGES
Variety of dark-skinned grape SYRAH
Winemaking need YEAST
This and that BOTH
Actress Hagen UTA
Hurt maliciously SPITE
Kerfuffle HOOHA
What kindness and honesty reveal INNERBEAUTY
Musician with the 1987 instrumental hit "Songbird" KENNYG
Stew (over) OBSESS
"Whereupon …" ANDSO
Cambodia’s Lon ___ NOL
General Mills corn snack bit BUGLE
Absolut rival, informally STOLI
Go-between EMISSARY
Bases of TED talks NEWIDEAS
Acid LSD
Go ___ great length ONAT
Essences GISTS
"Gimme a high-five!" UPTOP
More than 1% or 2% WHOLE
Tennyson’s "Geraint and ___" ENID
Long in Hollywood NIA
Binge-watching aid, in brief DVR
There’s one for every season, for short MVP
Poetic contraction OER
Shout CRY
Delights JOYS
James or Luther of R&B INGRAM
Liberal arts dept. PSY
Further ALSO
Orator who declared "Laws are silent in times of war" CICERO
Drink mentioned in the chorus of "American Pie" RYE
Words spoken just before a TV commercial WELLBETHGIR
I.R.S. form 5498 subj. IRA
Powerful bloodline? AORTA
"The Black Tulip" author DUMAS
Polo, for one SHIRT
Words of retraction ITAKETAHT
Bad-weather gear PONCHO
Transfer DECAL
Hebrides isle IONA
Pie flavor BANANA
Credit Suisse rival UBS
Comment upon making a fateful decision THERESNOGNINRUT
Attention EAR
Swim meet event MEDLEY
Brand with "Thick & Fluffy" products EGGO
Heaven BLISS
Proceed smoothly GOWELL
"Uh-oh, here they are again" GUESSSOHW
Second-generation Japanese-American NISEI
Pro and Mini purchases IPADS
Per person AHEAD
Man’s name that’s three consecutive letters of the alphabet STU
Angry words said after "Get out of here!" ANDDONTEMOC
Munchkin TOT
Battle of ___ (1797 Napoleon victory) RIVOLI
State AVER
Person using binoculars, maybe SPY
Told tales YARNED
Able to move nicely SPRY