New York Times Crossword Answers October 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Unimportant thing TRIFLE
This, on the periodic table HELIUM
Wore out, as one’s welcome OVERSTAYED
Bowling alley button RESET
Not made up REAL
Printing goofs ERRATA
Act hostilely AGGRESS
Apartment sharer ROOMMATE
Denali, e.g.: Abbr. MTN
"When pigs fly!" NEVER
Opponents in custody cases EXES
Picks, with "for" OPTS
Elephant’s trunk, basically NOSE
Balance sheet plus ASSET
With 25-Down, 727 and 747 JET
See 22-Down PLANES
Book that describes the crossing of the Red Sea EXODUS
How some legal disputes get settled OUTOFCOURT
"The British ___ coming!" ARE
Stuck coins into FED
Additional afterthought, for short PPS
Includes when sending an email CCS
Radio freq. unit KHZ
Wade’s opponent in legal history ROE
The answer to each clue that says "This, on the periodic table" NOBLEGAS
BBQ leftovers? ASHES
The answer to each clue that says "This, on the periodic table" ELEMENT
Wrestling win PIN
"Uh, no idea" IDUNNO
Continued talking WENTON
Mississippi River explorer DESOTO
Blue Lucky Charms marshmallows MOONS
Mazda roadster MIATA
Superhero group including Beast and Cyclops XMEN
Icicle’s place EAVE
Kremlin rejection NYET
Astronomer’s unit: Abbr. LTYR
Southern California’s Santa ___ Freeway ANA
"___: Ragnarok" (2017 Marvel film) THOR
Give new weapons to REARM
This, on the periodic table NEON
Dream: Fr. REVE
Grain disease ERGOT
1967 Montreal event EXPO
Specks in la mer ILES
This, on the periodic table ARGON
Carefully examines VETS
Evacuation notice? FIREALARM
Ventura who was governor of Minnesota JESSE
Hungers (for) LUSTS
You might lose yours in an argument TEMPER
911 responder, for short EMT
Gourmet food additive SEASALT
Lout OAF
Highest point APEX
Place to buy tickets: Abbr. STA
Medical research goal CURE
This, on the periodic table KRYPTON
Passed, as a law ENACTED
Gets into the weeds? HOES
One might be around a buck or two DOE
Canadian gas brand ESSO
End of the British alphabet ZED
Perish alternative PUBLISH
Abbr. in an email header FWD
Sent astray MISLED
Person making introductions EMCEE
This, on the periodic table XENON
Opaque liquids such as milk EMULSIONS
Minnesota’s ___ Clinic MAYO
Ticket ___ AGENT
Modern prefix with complete or correct AUTO
Well-matched EVEN
Au pair, often NANNY
Turkey ___ (annual event) TROT
Makes after taxes NETS
Fur trader John Jacob ASTOR
What "This" refers to, in this puzzle’s theme: Abbr. ATNO