New York Times Crossword Answers October 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Prefix with summer MID
Gazillions ALOT
Designer Chanel COCO
Queens’s ___ Stadium ASHE
However, in a tweet OTOH
Tall and supple WILLOWY
Out of gear INIDLE
Commanded LED
Disneyland transport TRAM
Ocular woes STYES
Outlaw at 62-Across IKECLANTON
Cheer before "Beat Army!" GONAVY
Confuses ADDLES
Court setup? LOB
Private, often SALUTER
"Everyone needs a little ___" (cable channel slogan) TLC
Wall St. trader ARB
Grant-making grp. NEA
With 62-Across, renowned 1881 event that lasted about 30 seconds GUNFIGHTAT
Angry boxer, e.g. SNARLER
Baseball’s Martinez TINO
Logan of "60 Minutes" LARA
Actor Gyllenhaal JAKE
Him, to Henri LUI
Saison sur la Seine ETE
Cool, in dated slang DEF
Thick-trunked tree BAOBAB
Ready at any time ONCALL
Cocktail at brunch MIMOSA
Set loose LETGO
Bottom-of-letter abbr. ENC
"___ Funny That Way" (classic song) SHES
Nibble (on) NOSH
Sea predator ORCA
State bird of Arizona or South Carolina WREN
With 42-Across, coolness of mind SANG
Cartoon cry EEK
Guitarist Paul LES
East Asia gambling locale MACAO
Loses strength WILTS
Grocery chain inits. IGA
Start of a dieter’s brag ILOST
Like krypton INERT
Down for the count, for short KOD
Deputy marshal at 62-Across DOCHOLLIDAY
Close down END
Initial progress TOEHOLD
Track star with an apt name BOLT
Healing lotion SALVE
Uneasy sensation ANGST
Wishful place? WELL
Potato chip brand LAYS
Bring together again REUNIFY
Cuisine heavy in rice and spices CAJUN
Kind of republic BANANA
Toy in a crib RATTLE
See 60-Down FROID
Be hot under the collar BOIL
San ___, Italy REMO
Banks of Chicago ERNIE
Broadway backer ANGEL
Punishment that might follow a summons FINE
Earthy colors OCHRES
Some fish bait MINNOWS
Club for swingers BAT
See 28-Down … or a punny description of this puzzle’s circled answers? THEOKCORRAL
In the mode of ALA
Silly sorts GEESE
It may be stolen on a movie set SCENE
Crunchy lunch order BLT
Schindler of "Schindler’s List" OSKAR