New York Times Crossword Answers October 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bits of information? DIGITALDATA
Long-running Fox sitcom AMERICANDAD
Big news site for investors MARKETWATCH
"Such a pity" ALAS
Grand duke vis-�-vis a czar SON
Big no-no at a T.S.A. checkpoint KNIFE
Protests peacefully, in a way SITS
Part of a wizard costume CLOAK
Roberto ___, only Baseball Hall-of-Famer inducted as a Blue Jays player ALOMAR
Tease RIB
CNN anchor Cabrera ANA
Offer BID
18th-century pioneer in graph theory EULER
Major city on the Tigris MOSUL
Wagner’s Siegfried, for one TENOR
Awesome GREAT
Initial challenge for certain screenwriters PILOTSCRIPT
Places to see Wagner OPERAHOUSES
Totally lost it WENTBERSERK
Castor ___ of old comics OYL
Lowly navy person SWAB
Pete Rose’s 1,314, for short RBIS
Bombards with fake offers SPAMS
Like milk you shouldn’t cry over SPILT
Advocating PRO
Obsolescent film holder SPOOL
Blather HOTAIR
Source of strength SINEW
Airbnb listing CONDO
"Sweet dreams" NIGHT
Honest-to-goodness REAL
Port vessel CASK
Letters leaning to the right? GOP
Certain investment, for short IRA
Jacuzzi part JET
"___ for Ricochet" (2004 best seller) RIS
Reversible fabric DAMASK
Egyptian charm SCARAB
"It’s just me" IMALONE
Marching ___ (Midwest college band) ILLINI
Flower with five petals GERANIUM
"Such a pity" TOOBAD
Remains of a wreck FLOTSAM
Evening result? TIE
They’re seen going south in the fall GEESE
[Wham!] KAPOW
Person in a trailer, in two senses ACTOR
Heads up RUNS
Ready (for) RIPE
Either Bill or Hillary Clinton, once LAWYER
Worst of times LOWS
___ Lesser, player of Uncle Leo on "Seinfeld" LEN
Sites associated with the Innocence Project DNALABS
Good connection RAPPORT
Big name in home security systems ADT
Things worth waiting for? TIPS
A screwdriver might be added to it BARTAB
Dash part TACH
Opposite of downs SIPS
Six-Day War leader Dayan MOSHE
Not standing, in a way ADHOC
Pork cuts LOINS
Heart: Lat. COR
Ice cream treat TORTONI
French vineyards CRUS
1997 film whose poster shows a woman wearing dog tags GIJANE
Exercise often done while lying down LEGRAISE
Brand in the frozen food section OREIDA
What a laryngitis sufferer may do WHISPER
Pound a beat PATROL
Double-click sound? TSKTSK