New York Times Crossword Answers October 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Its official name is Academy Award of Merit OSCAR
"The Prophet" author Gibran KAHLIL
Shoot (for) STRIVE
Brainteaser POSER
Well-put APT
Niggling detail NIT
Morse word DAH
Elite group ATEAM
Classic blazer fabrics SERGES
Mani-___ PEDI
Dingy part of a kitchen? OVENTIMER
Just-passing mark DEE
___-friendly USER
Wife on "The Addams Family" MORTICIA
Facebook Status: "Vegas, baby! And who would believe I’m standing next to Beyonc� and Katy Perry!" MADAMETUSSAUDS
Very cute, in slang ADORBS
Seal the deal ICEIT
Where the Santa Ana and Long Beach Fwys. meet EASTLA
Tip off WARN
For 17 viewers TVMA
"When pigs fly!" HELLNO
Lightsome AGILE
Tongue-lash UPBRAID
Crater’s edge RIM
Muscat resident OMANI
Unheard-of NOVEL
Get the better of ACEOUT
Damaged over time AGEWORN
Workplace newbie TRAINEE
Facebook Status: "Nosebleed seats – but home-field advantage! GO GIANTS!!!" METLIFESTADIUM
Ultrasound target FETUS
Cousin of 15-Down ITT
Bad joint RATTRAP
How Mark Twain is often quoted LOOSELY
Russian "invader" of the 1980s TETRIS
Olympics airer since 1988 NBC
Bowl over AMAZE
Speck IOTA
Challenge to prove you’re human CAPTCHA
Critic Roger EBERT
Alabama and Kansas, for two BANDS
Quick thinking WIT
Schedules SLATES
Start of a drill, maybe ALARMBELL
Saunter AMBLE
Still partly open, as a door LEFTAJAR
Punk offshoot EMO
Mazda two-seaters MIATAS
Roadside bombs, for short IEDS
This answer ends in "T," e.g. HINT
More on the mark TRUER
Some edible fungi MORELS
"Otherwise …!" ORELSE
Prime setter, informally THEFED
Cassiterite, e.g. TINORE
Less strict EASIER
Flowing locks MANES
Chipotle rival QDOBA
You might take it to go EXLAX
Arequipa is its second-largest city PERU
Fay of "King Kong" WRAY
Rival FOE
Series honor, for short MVP
Workplace inits. EEO
Half a couple MRS
Signs off on OKS
Bei Bei and Bao Bao PANDAS
Mike’s place PODIUM
Barnyard bleat MAA
Remained unused SAT
Morphine, for one OPIATE
Pitches ADS
Facebook Status: "2016 Summer Olympics and a day trip to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World!" CHRISTTHEREDEEMER
Bobs and buns DOS
Tea party girl ALICE
"Repeat …" AGAIN
Valuable china, e.g. ARTWARE
Facebook Status: "Across the pond! And front-row seats to the Henley Royal Regatta!" RIVERTHAMES
"King ___" (1978 hit) TUT
"Above" and "beyond," e.g. IAMBS
Island ring LEI
Chill out VEG
Okapi feature STRIPE
Salad green CRESS
Lily who played Ernestine TOMLIN
An arm or a leg LIMB
"___ it the truth!" AINT
Dough dispenser ATM
Facebook Status: "Yes! Retail therapy at the largest shopping spot in the U.S.!" MALLOFAMERICA
Cyberaddress URL
Van Susteren of cable news GRETA
Campbell of "Scream" NEVE
Second-___ RATE
___ Miguel (largest island in the Azores) SAO
Use part of EATINTO
Sicilian erupter ETNA
"Am ___ believe …?" ITO
Analogy connector ISTO
TV host Geist WILLIE
Facebook Status: "Ahhhh … Sun and surf in Canc�n, Mexico! Bring on the unlimited pi�a coladas!" CLUBMED
Battle of the Atlantic craft UBOATS
"Sleep ___" ONIT
Old United rival TWA
One crossing the line? SCAB
Eminence STATURE
Call, as a game REF
"Live With Kelly and Ryan" co-host RIPA
Gusto ZEAL
10-time French Open champ NADAL
Born NEE
Facebook Status: "Hej from K�benhavn! This statue turned 100 years old in 2013 but is still a beauty!" LITTLEMERMAID
Double-O sort SPY
Cows and sows SHES
Top that may have a built-in bra CAMI
Exam administered on the forearm TBTEST
Fleur-de-lis, e.g. MOTIF
Bad place for a frog THROAT
Captained LED
___ room REC
Praying figure in Christian art ORANT
It can be smoked HAM
Facebook Status: "10-9-8-7 … Ringing in the New Year with 1,000,000 of my newest, closest friends!" TIMESSQUARE
Excessive regulation REDTAPE
Swahili "sir" BWANA
Neuter DESEX
QB Manning ELI
Facebook Status: "History abounds! Neo-Classical architecture surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Next stop … the White House!" JEFFERSONMEMORIAL
Sch. with the mascot Mike the Tiger LSU
Anatomical ring AREOLA
Recording studio effect REVERB
J.F.K. posting ETA
Place of Bible study: Abbr. SEM
In an uncivil way RUDELY
Wife, to Juan ESPOSA
Oedipus, for one REX