New York Times Crossword Answers October 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
"Caveat: Realism, Reagan and Foreign Policy" memoirist HAIG
Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie, for short EXDA
Fabulous speaker? LIAR
1970 hit with a spelled-out title LOLA
Self-satisfied SMUG
Hurricane-prone area, maybe CAPE
Up for debate ATISSUE
Candy ass? PINATA
Green field? ECOLOGY
A host GOBS
Org. concerned with 9-Down EPA
The early ’60s, in U.S. politics LINCOLNERA
Rigged for cruising INFULLSAIL
Bear, somewhat DEFRAY
One who tries to avoid being touched EPEEIST
Combo with strainers and jiggers BARSET
Insubstantial fare PAP
They go to all the best spots CLIOAWARDS
Going on and on LONGWINDED
Mounted AHORSE
___ the Great, detective of children’s stories NATE
Dish transmitters GOSSIPS
Prefix with thesis ANTI
___ du pays (homesickness: Fr.) MAL
Stabilizer in suspensions SWAYBAR
Improving, in Britspeak ONTHEUP
Item in a health class demonstration CONDOM
Consent ACCEDE
Stock holders PENS
2017 Tony-winning play about 1990s diplomacy OSLO
Letter opener DEAR
Heavy-metal band with the hit albums "Out of the Cellar" and "Infestation" RATT
The East ASIA
Keyboard instrument MOOG
Grandmother of Jesus ANNE
Down Under critter ROO
Dystopian backdrop HELLSCAPE
Self-evident AXIOMATIC
Give takes OPINE
Director/co-star of "The Bigamist," 1953 IDALUPINO
Second-oldest national park in North America BANFF
Pre-moving day events GARAGESALES
Snarler CUR
Knock off STOP
Weapon swung by a gaucho BOLA
Unslurred speech? PCLANGUAGE
Form a 44-Across ALLY
Song on the soundtracks of "Lilo & Stitch" and "Surf’s Up" ALOHAOE
Hungers YEARNS
Champagne grapes PINOTS
Line of clothing INSEAM
Princess Fiona, for one OGRESS
Basic Italian bistro OSTERIA
Corvine calls CAWS
1989 Queen hit IWANTITALL
Baby’s cut OWIE
Entente PACT
___ Britton, mistress of Warren Harding who had a sensational 1927 tell-all book NAN
Form of therapy in which patients act out events from their past PSYCHODRAMA
Rapper with the 1992 3x platinum debut album "The Chronic" DRDRE
2005 film starring Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche BEESEASON
Literally, "singing place" ODEON
Offering to an idol ADULATION
Windows forerunner MSDOS
News pieces REPORTAGE