New York Times Crossword Answers October 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Things the police may keep on suspects TABS
Narrow cut SLIT
[legally covering our butts here] ALLEGEDLY
Clickable item ICON
Boom ___ MIC
Remit in advance PREPAY
Digital greeting ECARD
"Stay in your ___!" LANE
Approximately ATAGUESS
Untroubled SERENE
Divine bovine? SACREDCOW
Timeline sections ERAS
Wee bit TAD
Destined for greatness GOINGPLACES
Opening in cosmetology? PORE
Woodard with four Emmys ALFRE
Covalent bonds of a carbon atom, e.g. TETRAD
Things sailors spin YARNS
Late afternoon hour FOURPM
Some economic figs. GDPS
Tournament bridge players, typically PAIRS
Stick-to-it-iveness GRIT
Santa ___, Calif. ROSA
Speak out against DECRY
City by the Bay, informally SANFRAN
"Why, you little …" SONOFA
Several quarter turns? COINTOSS
Jay with jokes LENO
Starting squad ATEAM
Speak up, and then some YELL
___ Brand, two-time N.B.A. All-Star ELTON
Boo-boo OWIE
Good trait in a housemate TIDINESS
"Jeez, wasn’t expecting that!" OHWOW
For rent TOLET
Test for fit TRYON
Song with the lyric "A loko e hana nei" ALOHAOE
Things equestrians have on hand? REINS
___ dish PETRI
What 14-Across will do if you miss a turn RECALCULATE
Fruit salad ingredients MELONS
"___ bon" CEST
Pup grown up SEAL
Uptown TONY
"___, won’t you blow your horn?" (old lyric) DINAH
Cold summer treat FREEZEPOP
Puerto Rican city that shares its name with an explorer PONCE
System of roots? ETYMOLOGY
Part of a so-called "grand tour" ROME
Trade barbs or blows SPAR
Like some saws and bobsleds TWOMAN
Supplication ENTREATY
"What did Delaware?" "I don’t know, but ___" (classic joke) ALASKA
University in North Carolina ELON
"Feel me?" YADIG
"___ fugit" TEMPUS
Gooey chocolate treat MUDPIE
Public transit system METRO
Be economical with REUSE
Lead-in to -centric AFRO
Stepped TROD
Italian dear CARO
Victim of a revolution TSAR
What the upright yoga pose vrikshasana simulates TREE
It’s worth a little more than a dollar EURO
Violently send out SPEW
Stridex target, informally ZIT
Mag personnel EDS
Agcy. for Kennedy and Reagan TSA
Positive quality ASSET
Provider of directions, for short GPS
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Around CIRCA
"Intriguing!" OOH
Aquaman’s favorite singer? BILLYOCEAN
The Human Torch’s favorite band? ARCADEFIRE
___ Edberg, two-time U.S. Open tennis champion STEFAN
With child, informally PREGGERS
Nicely muscled TONED
Canine warning GRR
Feminine hygiene product PAD
Seashore feature DUNE
Oriental, e.g. RUG
The Hulk’s favorite band? GREENDAY
Does 110, say SPEEDS
Sculptor/collagist Jean ARP
Staff ROD
Number between cinque and sette SEI
Mama ___ Elliot CASS
Iceman’s favorite band? COLDPLAY
Bermuda, e.g. ISLE
Sweetly sing CROON
14-pound unit STONE
Australian friend MATE
The Flash’s favorite singer? TAYLORSWIFT
Adamant refusal IWONT
Animator’s frame CEL
"Your" of yore THY
Bit of progress INROAD
"Seriously?" FORREAL
Front of a vessel PROW
Magneto’s favorite band? METALLICA
Quaint agreement YESM
Comment advising you to set your sights a little lower? SEENOTE
Low tie ONEONE
Response to "You have something on your face," maybe DOI
List-ending abbr. ETC
Gobbles (down) WOLFS
Spider-Man’s favorite band? THESPINNERS
Smell ___ (sense something fishy) ARAT
Like H�gar the Horrible NORSE
___ Martin ASTON
"Enough already!" STOP
Batman’s favorite rapper? LILWAYNE
Revivalists, for short NEOS
Not only that but also NAY
Singer Sumac YMA
The Avalanche, on sports tickers COL
Make do with a lesser option SETTLE
Thor’s favorite rapper? MCHAMMER
Actress Thurman UMA
32� Fahrenheit, in Celsius ZERO
Parisian street RUE
___ volente (God willing) DEO
Old-fashioned provider of directions ATLAS
Completely set CEMENTED
Sir and madam TITLES
Electro’s favorite singer? FRANKZAPPA
What the musical artists in this puzzle would form if they all performed together? SUPERGROUP
Decompose ROT
Let breathe, as stinky shoes AIROUT
Tangent line? ASIDE
Princess Fiona, after sunset OGRE
One begins "Thou still unravish’d bride of quietness" ODE
___-turvy TOPSY
Chocolate cup inventor H. B. ___ REESE
Pained cry YOW