New York Times Crossword Answers September 26th 2017

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Clue Solution
Forty winks NAP
Prof’s URL ender EDU
Robust-sounding teens of children’s books HARDYBOYS
Incite to action IMPEL
St. Paul’s Cathedral architect WREN
"Would you look at that!" OOH
Nocturnal marsupial KOALA
Scatter STREW
Spiritual leader with a Nobel Peace Prize DALAILAMA
NE basketball powerhouse UCONN
Football rush BLITZ
Essman of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" SUSIE
Comes to a standstill STOPS
Alternative to Levi’s LEES
Took the entire series SWEPT
Colorful aquarium fish TETRA
Tall supporting tower PYLON
Totally captivated RAPT
"Finger-lickin’ good" food establishment KFC
Achievement for Bernie Madoff or Al Capone NOTORIETY
Youngest of the fictional March sisters AMY
"Attention ___ shoppers!" KMART
St. Bernard during an avalanche, maybe RESCUEDOG
Chemically nonreactive INERT
Remains STAYS
Coral formation REEF
Hollywood’s Lupino IDA
Repeated jazz phrases RIFFS
Big nuisance PAIN
Thumper’s deer friend BAMBI
Tidbit for a squirrel ACORN
What Tarzan’s friends advised him to do? GOAPE
Half of a genetic molecule HELIX
Illegal payment BRIBE
Trial balloon TEST
Hawaiian gift LEI
Fireplace item LOG
Ambient musician Brian ENO
Fruity soft drink NEHI
Stir-fry cookers WOKS
Puts into English, say, as movie dialogue DUBS
Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee ADAM
Things teeth and hair have ROOTS
Rights org. of which Helen Keller was a co-founder ACLU
Comedian Kevin after having a sloppy jelly snack? PURPLEHART
Writer Lowry with two Newbery Medals LOIS
Restaurateur Paula DEEN
Lion observed at night LEO
Naysaying ANTI
Fashion flair STYLE
Get frisky with comedian Freddie? PAWPRINZE
Intricate trap WEB
Azure expanse SKY
Mule in an Erie Canal song SAL
School for young royals ETON
Irritating criticism FLAK
"The Phantom of the Opera" city PARIS
Comedian Richard being sent to a psychiatric facility? PRYORCOMMITMENT
Sample TASTE
Swimmer Diana NYAD
Away on a submarine, say ASEA
"___ the fields we go …" OER
S�ance sound RAP
Blubber CRY
Cause of comedian Roseanne’s black eye? BARRFIGHT
Touches geographically ABUTS
"Superfood" Amazon berry ACAI
Captain Hook, to Peter Pan FOE
Big unicycle part TIRE
Result of comedian Eric’s untied shoelaces? FALLENIDLE
Subject of Queen Elizabeth, informally BRIT
John le Carr� heroes SPIES
Timely benefit BOON
"500" race, familiarly INDY
Take one’s leave EXIT
Breakfast brand for the toaster EGGO