News Day Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Twangy-sounding NASAL
Bakery loaves RYES
Airport boarding site GATE
Without peer ALONE
Roof overhang EAVE
Barbell metal IRON
”I understand” POINTTAKEN
Tear apart REND
Books of maps ATLASES
Sports broadcast’s second looks REPLAYS
Lap dog, for short POM
Nitrogen, for instance GAS
Gridiron arbiter REF
Country/western bar activity LINEDANCING
Overplayed one’s role EMOTED
Up to, for short TIL
Sandwich cookie OREO
Many Christmas candies CANES
Poet’s ”before” ERE
Smooth-talking SUAVE
Assistant AIDE
__ Baba ALI
Person at the plate HITTER
Travel website buy PLANETICKET
Ambulance destinations: Abbr. ERS
Height, for short ALT
__ Paul McCartney SIR
Dickers over a price HAGGLES
Topped tortilla TOSTADA
Measure of 11 Down ACRE
Blacken on a grill CHAR
Any of the Simpsons TOON
Go-between AGENT
Piano parts KEYS
Tight-fitting SNUG
Scrumptious TASTY
Western wine valley NAPA
Frequently ALOT
Gardener’s dirt SOIL
Actress Kendrick ANNA
Allows LETS
Think logically REASON
Talk too much YAK
At any time EVER
West African nation SENEGAL
Young cookie vendor GIRLSCOUT
Square footage AREA
Broadway award TONY
Discontinues ENDS
Not very hot TEPID
Wok, for one PAN
Performance measures METRICS
Newscast summary RECAP
Smartphone message EMAIL
Jane, Bridget, or Henry FONDA
”__ Misérables” LES
Cube with spots DIE
Hopping mad IRATE
At no time NEVER
People who travel GOERS
Typical high schoolers TEENAGERS
Quarterback Manning ELI
Take a chair SIT
Gives testimony ATTESTS
New Testament king HEROD
Right-angle shape ELL
Passing bad checks KITING
Creative software solution HACK
Feel sore ACHE
Squirrel color GRAY
”Get outta here!” SCAT
Old Roman raiment TOGA
Pub servings ALES
Word of warning DONT
Pretentiously stylish ARTY
Teammate of the Babe LOU