News Day Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Settled down ALIT
Unwritten on CLEAN
Miscalculates ERRS
The fifth st. CONN
Temporary tattoo medium HENNA
Face in competition MEET
It means ”outer” ECTO
”The Horse Whisperer” author EVANS
In that case IFSO
Landscaper’s decoration ARTIFICIALROCK
Memphis music BLUES
Narrate TELL
Feel contrition for RUE
No longer funny OLD
Consumes HAS
Shot (for) AIMED
Highlander GAEL
Many London attractions MUSEUMS
Purchase for the present WRAPPINGPAPER
R&D facility TESTLAB
Cool it STOP
Sound of the northwest PUGET
Salon rinse DYE
Pilgrimage to Mecca HAJ
Sean Lennon’s mom ONO
Mosque leader IMAM
Divests of SHEDS
Kindergarten craft tool SAFETYSCISSORS
Way up some slopes TBAR
Carried BORNE
Burgundy, to Berliners WEIN
Likewise ALSO
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Fill with freight LADE
Rents out LETS
Accounts payable DEBTS
Vehicle without wheels SLED
Master ACE
Sheriff’s concern LOCALLAW
Break-in perpetrator INTRUDER
Govt.-backed investment TNOTE
Course designer CHEF
Big name in jeans LEVI
Establish, as a statute ENACT
Musical with FDR ANNIE
Sounding stuffy NASAL
Mideast ruler EMIR
Go straight REFORM
Navy SEALs mission RESCUE
Highly motivated STOKED
”In a way” ender ISH
Wool source LLAMA
Delay, with ”down” BOG
Fuse measures AMPS
Look good on SUIT
Web access cos. ISPS
Keeping everyone waiting LATE
42-season NBC series SNL
Antiquated oath EGAD
__ one (barely ahead) UPBY
Minor, in law books PETIT
Motel locale ROADSIDE
Sleepwear PJS
Of mail POSTAL
Not up to it UNABLE
Sell well GOFAST
Pothook shape ESS
Informal apology MYBAD
All together ASONE
Seasonal Golden Arches sandwich MCRIB
Large laughs HOWLS
Winged archer EROS
Technical sch. INST
Comprehends SEES
Neighbor of Homer NED