News Day Crossword Answers April 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Eight-time Grand Slam champ AGASSI
Part of Jessica Rabbit’s outfit REDSHOES
Very well hidden BURIED
”It’s a Wonderful Life” villain LIONELBARRYMORE
35 Across title: Abbr. ADM
In accordance with PER
Core muscle group ABS
Subdued LOW
More than a little diligence ZEAL
Obviously little-used DUSTY
Looney Tunes regular PEPE
County near London ESSEX
PBS funder NEA
Seascape master HOMER
Environmentally sound GREEN
Brown-toned photos SEPIAS
Trafalgar Square honoree HORATIONELSON
Insured’s outlays COPAYS
Order to a projectionist RUNIT
Hymn finales AMENS
Word before horse or hero WAR
Blade brand XACTO
Get well MEND
”Cabaret” director FOSSE
Knocks over ROBS
Smokey Bear commercial, e.g. PSA
Frequent tabloid topic JLO
NASA spacewalk EVA
Israeli day YOM
Edison’s industrialist pal HARVEYFIRESTONE
Shrub with olivelike fruit OLEASTER
Tidy up NEATEN
Some brokers REALTORS
Least spirited TAMEST
In flames ABLAZE
Handbooks GUIDES
Floral attractions AROMAS
Do wrong SIN
Escape slowly SEEP
Sat around IDLED
Former nutritional std. RDA
Editorial misses ERRATA
Spherical topper DERBY
Verbalizes SAYS
Sound of consideration HMM
Piece for Italian tenors OSOLEMIO
Pole, for example EUROPEAN
Active volcanoes SPEWERS
Nation on Borneo BRUNEI
Michel who scored ”Yentl” LEGRAND
Lima ladies SENORAS
Frequent tabloid topic POPSTAR
Low-wavelength radiation XRAYS
Shape of rotini HELIX
UFO passengers ETS
JFK, in the ’50s SEN
61 Across success HOMESALE
Baby bottle NURSER
VapoRub ingredient CAMPHOR
Stereo speaker WOOFER
Looney Tunes regular COYOTE
Beefy servings TBONES
Portrayer of Gump, Jr. OSMENT
Reach by air FLYTO
Planner’s project EVENT
Don’t mean it JEST
Heaps, to Hamlet ASEA
Batman between Michael and George VAL
Its website has Filing and Payments sections IRS
It may be felt above you TAM