News Day Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Storied surprised returnee PAPABEAR
Collector of Hezbollah intel MOSSAD
34-time Emmy nominee, 1976-2015 ALANALDA
Accord alternative ALTIMA
Rice, but not pasta NOVELIST
Party planner’s inspiration THEME
South of old, for short CSA
Instruments once called ”clangers” HIHATS
Turbulence reducer at sea JIB
Allure Pour Homme purveyor CHANEL
What Styx circles PLUTO
Almighty, in Ovid DEO
Shaped like sycamore leaves OVATE
Subject of the book ”Tune In Yesterday” RADIO
Veterinary specialty EQUINES
Slight hint SMIDGEN
Charmer CUTIE
What Bryn Mawr grads once had to know LATIN
Bilbao-to-Pamplona dir. ESE
Dessert pizza topping KIWIS
Habitat for many crocodiles UBANGI
Common Apr. signatory CPA
”Macy’s worst nightmare” TJMAXX
Brickmaking ingredient LOAM
What a debater may exploit HOLE
It turned down ”American Idol” UPN
Focus of a 1956 Broadway bet ELIZA
’90s star quarterback AIKMAN
Fails to pay, or play DEFAULTS
Arthurian princess ISEULT
Indian Ocean inlet REDSEA
Whom Lewis and Clark got food from NEZPERCE
Katharine Hepburn trademark PANTS
You might get one coming or going ALOHA
What might be in your driveway PAVER
Short on punch ANEMIC
Ten reams of paper BALE
Reader of the Bullblog ELI
Subject of click-through rate tracking ADS
Wheel in turnstiles RATCHET
Inflicting the silent treatment on MADAT
”Loved that veronica!” OLE
Symbol of the Hartford STAG
Gridiron clock monitor SIDEJUDGE
Real-estate listing AMENITIES
Early American icon DANLBOONE
What Montana merchants don’t miss SALESTAX
Plutocrat HAVE
Currently luckless INASLUMP
__ water SPRING
Upright HONEST
Minor chap LAD
Liner lounger DECKCHAIR
Counterbalance EQUIPOISE
Covered more ground than OUTWALKED
George __ III
What Othello calls Desdemona MINX
Devil-may-care attitude ABANDON
Work too hard ILLUSE
Post-coup group JUNTA
Hobbyist’s hand tool OILER
Hot-chocolate drinker of yore AZTEC
Pool maneuver MASSE
Chicks that get rather big EMUS
Whom John Wayne modeled his persona after EARP
Something spiced for holidays ALE
Temporal threshold EVE
Ataturk banned its use FEZ