News Day Crossword Answers April 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Software update PATCH
Purina sister brand ALPO
Actress Rene RUSSO
Thing to spring TRAP
”Our Town” bride EMILY
Innocent escapade LARK
At minimal power ONLOW
Nature walk HIKE
One of Santa’s fliers CUPID
Nightclub BOITE
Peruvian of yore INCA
Rhinelander’s refusal NEIN
Fill with cargo LADE
Hot ”saisons” ETES
Doesn’t attend SKIPS
__ chi (martial art) TAI
Abut on ADJOIN
British biographer Fraser ANTONIA
Replace for airing PREEMPT
Stew server LADLE
Genesis 4 name ABEL
”Dapper” dressers DANS
76 Across supply ICE
Margins EDGES
Stateroom quarters BERTHS
Former treasury secretary GEITHNER
Barnyard bleat BAA
Chestnut horse ROAN
Sundial numeral III
Shoebox stat EEE
Watering hole PUB
Honey qty. TSP
Fails to be ISNT
Tease RIB
Elite invitees ALISTERS
Mingle, à la the Wizard of Oz HOBNOB
Frigidaire rival AMANA
__ Fernando Valley SAN
Transportation secretary CHAO
Tilling tool RAKE
Choir platform RISER
Troupe group DANCERS
Funnel-shaped flowers AZALEAS
Mesmerized state TRANCE
Supporting FOR
”Atlantic City” director MALLE
Very small thing MINI
Artifice RUSE
Poetic spheres ORBS
Author Quindlen ANNA
Herb in pesto BASIL
Sphinx, in part LION
Undemanding course EASYA
Letters on Sputnik CCCP
:-(, in words IMSAD
Take notice of ESPY
Ballet pivots TOES
Senior members DEANS
Takes notice of SEES
Roxie, in ”Chicago” RENEE
Praline ingredient PECAN
Entertain AMUSE
Melanie Griffith’s mom TIPPI
Customer list CLIENTELE
Stevenson villain HYDE
”Hi” or ”Bye” ALOHA
Mu preceder LAMBDA
Said grace, e.g. PRAYED
Creole cooking staple OKRA
Operating automatically ROBOTIC
New in the box UNOPENED
Minor miscues SLIPS
Explorer de __ SOTO
Actor Wilson OWEN
Consider THINKOF
Venerable dog star RINTINTIN
Pedigree registry org. AKC
Casserole morsel PEA
Cut short CLIP
Noble gas NEON
This, in Barcelona ESTO
Recital performance PIECE
More judicious SANER
Iowa State locale AMES
Sudden impact JOLT
Top-drawer AONE
Most intrusive NOSIEST
Service academy rookie PLEBE
Speed gauge of a sort RADAR
Award for mystery writing EDGAR
Just not done TABOO
Place for a price TAG
Boyfriend BEAU
Physicist Mach ERNST
One of the largest land mammals HIPPO
Quick drink SIP
Casual top TEE
Sewed border HEM
Du Maurier novel REBECCA
One of Chekhov’s ”Three Sisters” IRINA
Spy missions, for short OPS
Bolt holder NUT
Volcanic product ASH
”Dilbert” intern ASOK
Not up yet INBED
Scratch out ERASE
Number spoken by pilots NINER
Some ski lifts TBARS
The way you see me ASIAM
”The Great Caruso” star LANZA
Equilibratory INBALANCE
Pi followers RHOS
”I am __” (”Green Eggs and Ham” beginning) SAM
__ Mawr College BRYN
River near the Leaning Tower ARNO
Stove neighbor, maybe MICROWAVE
Frame seller OPTICIAN
Elk cousin DEER
”Happy Days” hangout ARNOLDS
Artless person NAIF
Opposite of ”numerous” AFEW
Big game-show prize CRUISE
Second-smallest continent EUROPE
Beethoven’s ”__ Solemnis” MISSA
Cellist’s accessory ROSIN
Ron Howard’s acting daughter BRYCE
Go rollerblading SKATE
Citation abbreviation IBID
Docile TAME
Soccer cheers OLES
__-do-well NEER
Work in a cast ACT
Lt. subordinate NCO