News Day Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Office personnel STAFF
Staircase part STEP
”Alaskan king” seafood CRAB
Bellhop’s employer HOTEL
Carryall bag TOTE
”Half” prefix for sphere HEMI
Nimble AGILE
Coupe or sedan AUTO
Tied, as a score EVEN
Pancake topping MAPLESYRUP
Ladder crosspiece RUNG
Businesses: Abbr. COS
Texas city LAREDO
Less risky SAFER
Like licorice or gum CHEWY
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
Factual TRUE
Eight-piece band OCTET
Performs in a chorus SINGS
Showery spring mo. APR
Weaving machines LOOMS
Pebble or boulder STONE
Passport stamp VISA
Night-table light LAMP
Made simpler EASED
Well-prepared READY
”You’ll have to demonstrate” SHOWME
Moral wrong SIN
Sword handle HILT
High hairstyle UPDO
Tip of the ear LOBE
Remove pencil marks ERASE
Move like a top SPIN
Like __ of bricks ATON
So far ASYET
Earth-breaking garden tools HOES
Borscht veggie BEET
Valentine’s Day flowers ROSES
Deception SHAM
Garment of old Rome TOGA
”Take __ from me!” ATIP
Plummeted FELL
Sheep’s coat FLEECE
Remains STAYS
”Guided” vacation TOUR
”__, Brute?” (Julius Caesar words) ETTU
Carbonated soft drink CHERRYCOLA
Variety show REVUE
Modify, as a law AMEND
Game with numbered cards BINGO
Arrange into stacks SORT
Military no-show, for short AWOL
Foul mood SNIT
__ time (never) ATNO
Bar-shaped cookies FIGNEWTONS
Winged matchmaker CUPID
That woman’s HERS
Donkey ASS
Rant and __ (show anger) RAVE
Frog relative TOAD
Television award EMMY
Sugar measurement: Abbr. TSP
Stitched clothing line SEAM
Opera solo ARIA
Underwater research site SEALAB
Make beloved ENDEAR
”Be quiet!” SHUSH
Big African beast, for short HIPPO
Any 1950s tune OLDIE
Mark a ballot VOTE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Approximately ORSO
Calendar squares DAYS
”That makes sense” ISEE
Household cats and dogs PETS