News Day Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Self-assurance POISE
Steam or mist VAPOR
America’s Uncle SAM
Lazy __ (revolving tray) SUSAN
Justice Kagan ELENA
Big Aussie bird EMU
Legal step in a home purchase TITLESEARCH
Butterfly catcher NET
Not quite right AMISS
Sophisticated URBANE
Cry of accomplishment IDIDIT
Artichoke center HEART
Sound judgment SENSE
Pampering resort SPA
Pays attention to HEEDS
Watch display, for short LCD
Jacket arm SLEEVE
Each, informally APOP
Vicinity AREA
Between ports ATSEA
Bewilder DAZE
First in line NEXT
Jacuzzi HOTTUB
”Imagine that!” GEE
Clear up, as a car window DEFOG
GI hangout USO
Make changes to AMEND
All thumbs INEPT
Sophisticated CLASSY
Music class impediment TINEAR
Suggest indirectly IMPLY
Big pig HOG
Make a dash to hide RUNFORCOVER
Amazement AWE
Not trendy UNHIP
Crop up ARISE
Kids’ card game WAR
Attacks with snowballs PELTS
Song in the Bible PSALM
W. Coast clock setting PST
Parisian ”yes” OUI
Suffix for novel or violin IST
Light lunches SALADS
Neckline shapes VEES
”That’s a shame” ALAS
For each PER
At the proper time ONCUE
Enthusiastic RAHRAH
Capitol Hill aides SENATEPAGES
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Turn off the sound from MUTE
Take a chair SIT
Sandwich exterior BREAD
Aruba or Cuba ISLAND
Judge’s order DECREE
Digit to point with INDEXFINGER
Begin a trip SETOUT
Annoying ones PESTS
Egg carton quantities DOZENS
”Well, __-di-dah!” LAH
__ de Cologne EAU
Make amends ATONE
Outfielder’s topper BALLCAP
Prepare for action GEARUP
City Hall leaders MAYORS
Danish flavor PRUNE
Paramedic’s skill: Abbr. CPR
Defrost THAW
Corn Belt state IOWA
”__ ain’t broke . . .” IFIT
Floor-washing implements MOPS
Stanley Cup org. NHL
By way of VIA
Subj. for immigrants ESL
Sleep phase initials REM