News Day Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bit of barbecue RIB
Young fellow LAD
Fleet of warships ARMADA
Try to act like EMULATE
Prolonged attacks SIEGES
Retiree’s oration FAREWELLSPEECH
Join up SIGNON
Toward sunup EAST
Pub drinks ALES
Curds and __ (Muffet’s meal) WHEY
Part of a play ACT
”That’s right!” YES
Love, in France AMOUR
On a cruise ATSEA
Warning signal ALARM
Becomes inedible SPOILS
Football coach’s oration HALFTIMEPEPTALK
Lacking principles AMORAL
Angler’s spools REELS
Excessive sternness RIGOR
Fortunate LUCKY
Tip of a shoe TOE
Physicians, for short MDS
Elephant tooth TUSK
Hand over legally CEDE
Seize suddenly GRAB
Mideast republic ISRAEL
Convention oration KEYNOTEADDRESS
Stop from squeaking GREASE
Small suitcases VALISES
Playful talk BANTER
Hurricane center EYE
__ la la TRA
Submit an amended Form 1040 REFILE
Mental pictures IMAGES
Scalds BURNS
Suburban grass LAWN
Ingested ATE
Penna. neighbor DEL
Analyze, as alloys ASSAY
Tears apart RIPS
Get together MEET
Historical period AGE
Caroling mo. DEC
Fire residue ASH
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Sly look LEER
Utter SAY
Early bird’s reward WORM
Shoulder-to-elbow bone HUMERUS
Shortest-named continent ASIA
Modern phone, for short CELL
Work assignment TASK
Church platform ALTAR
Postal delivery MAIL
Answer a want ad APPLY
Small fry TOTS
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Hunt for SEEK
Do damage to HARM
In the center of AMID
Fireplace fuel LOGS
Quick kiss PECK
Stop from squeaking LUBE
Little riddle TEASER
Ukrainian port ODESSA
Snaky fish EEL
Top of a wave CREST
Tiny fly GNAT
Stood up ROSE
Doing nothing IDLE
__ Lanka SRI
Cold War spy org. KGB
Historical period ERA
Strong desire YEN
Urban rd. AVE
Clear as __ DAY