News Day Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Nero, for one ROMAN
Russian villa DACHA
Place for springs SPA
Author Zola EMILE
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Racing circuit LAP
Indoor corridor exercise MALLWALKING
”Odds __ . . .” ARE
Many realty deals RESALES
Hiked, as prices UPPED
Charleston-era weapon GAT
”__ Enchanted” (Hathaway film) ELLA
Upstaging of stars SCENESTEALING
Can’t stomach ABHOR
Very slim margin HAIR
Boardroom bigwig CEO
Going at a crawl SLOW
Milan’s Teatro alla __ SCALA
Flat bread PITA
Mongrel CUR
Certain urban apartment COOP
”Spider-Man” actress DUNST
”Tom Jones” author HENRYFIELDING
Cameo stone OPAL
Make known AIR
2014 Yankee retiree JETER
Keeps from advancing ARRESTS
NASA spacewalk EVA
Immediately appealing EYECATCHING
Cone producer FIR
Western capital SALEM
Bell-shaped bloom TULIP
Insurance ad spokesperson FLO
Slips on the road SKIDS
Company officers VEEPS
Dream period, for short REM
Persian poet OMAR
Country __ (long way) MILE
Shakespeare title starter ALLS
Crystal collector, perhaps NEWAGER
Obliterate DELETE
Petitions (for) ASKS
CBS series, 2000-2015 CSI
Female lobster HEN
Sharp-cornered ANGULAR
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Trim back PARE
Mocked, maybe APED
Arkin of ”Argo” ALAN
One to hang out with PAL
Footnote abbr. ETAL
Sci-fi princess LEIA
Now fleeceless SHORN
Female whale COW
Contour SHAPE
Pastry-tube filling ICING
Ultimately realizes NETS
Zodiac beast GOAT
”The Nazarene” author ASCH
Needing cheering BLUE
Office lobby piece SOFA
100-stamp purchase COIL
”Sherwood Florist,” e.g. PUN
Tree that sounds like a country CYPRESS
Dish Network alternative DIRECTV
Sushi topper ROE
NFC West team LARAMS
Loose soil DIRT
TV host Probst JEFF
Nefarious EVIL
Source of poi TARO
Breezed through ACED
Elisabeth of 8 Down SHUE
Floor covering TILE
Salon sound SNIP
Jabber YAK
Ivy Leaguer ELI
Satellite-enabled device GPS