News Day Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
35th anniversary gift JADE
Hank Aaron’s 12,364 ATBATS
Bit of nothing GAP
Long-program leap AXEL
Baloney DRIVEL
Metal bearer ORE
Big name in horror film history BELA
You can’t __ (with 58 Across) JUDGEABOOK
Ready to bloom INBUD
Scene of the crime VENUE
Male or female nickname SAM
Pressing URGENT
Sound of dissatisfaction HISS
Jai __ ALAI
Cuisine category ASIAN
”Put away your credit card” MYTREAT
By hook or by crook SOMEWAY
Big soirees FETES
English Channel swimmer SOLE
”You can’t __!” TELLMEWHATTODO
Orzo, for instance SIDE
Eyes-closed action SNEEZE
Physics class equation LAW
One of the vipers ADDER
See 18 Across BYITSCOVER
”So klutzy!” OOPS
Parisian way RUE
Clear Eyes competitor VISINE
Exact repetition ECHO
Four-song CDs EPS
Says ”No thanks” PASSES
Roof-rack gear SKIS
Bout blow JAB
The Tin Man carried one AXE
Baloney, for instance DELIMEAT
Vigorous spirit ELAN
Entreat ADJURE
Struggle through snow TRUDGE
Attempt a takeover BID
Part of DJIA AVG
Casual wear TEE
Russian or Bulgarian SLAV
”Door’s open” GOONIN
Fire up AROUSE
Chinese spaniels PEKES
Tell the truth BEHONEST
Tourist mover of a sort BUS
Much sales mail SPAM
Confederate ALLY
”Die Meistersinger” soprano EVA
Eager ending NESS
Small combo TRIO
FedEx asset AIRFLEET
Starchy staple YAM
Ribbon-shaped swimmer EEL
Receipt-printing devices ATMS
Mock-election participant TEEN
Half of a hiker’s duo WOOLSOCK
Emmy winner for acting, directing and writing ALDA
”That smarts!” YEOW
Nor. neighbor SWE
Do decluttering TIDYUP
Countercurrents EDDIES
__ de Troie HELENE
Islands west of Portugal AZORES
What fills some pots TEA
Lord Nelson weapon SABRE
”Save the date” follow-up RSVP
Pulls off DOES
Mole employer CIA
59 Down forerunner OSS
”__ for Vengeance” VIS
Sorority letter PHI
Non-scratch scrubber brand SOS