News Day Crossword Answers August 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Casino fixtures ATMS
Scandinavian supergroup ABBA
A as in Athens ALPHA
Julia’s Oscar role ERIN
Built for two DUAL
Pie maker’s device CORER
’90s attorney general RENO
With 61 Across, 1948 campaign song by 20/59 Across IMJUSTWILD
With 59 Across, jazz composer/pianist EUBIE
Rev (up) AMP
Brazilian football great PELE
Nautical direction AFT
Signal to speak CUE
”Sleepless in Seattle” director EPHRON
It might be a bluff RAISE
Tribal bigwig ELDER
Former fast flier SST
Title for Merkel FRAU
Checked for fit TRIEDON
Reminiscing tune by 20/59 Across MEMORIESOFYOU
Points properly ORIENTS
Arizona hoopsters SUNS
Prefix for lateral UNI
Evil bestowal CURSE
Store were Weimaraners are welcome PETCO
Opening hour, often NINEAM
Forbidden City VIP MAO
With a hidden agenda SLY
Pres. Wilson earned one PHD
See 20 Across BLAKE
See 18 Across ABOUTHARRY
Small winged nester WASP
Lands heavily PLOPS
Dad of Heracles ZEUS
Depot data ETAS
Major supplier of Hiltons SERTA
Shearing subjects EWES
Half of 45 Across DEMI
It means ”atmosphere” AER
Busy seller in December TREEFARM
Trivial details MINUTIAE
Stuffed shirt SNOB
Parting ”mot” ADIEU
Ne’er-do-well BUM
Mexicali’s locale BAJA
Class Notes subject ALUM
Insincere show ACT
Acidic LOWPH
Nosy group PRIERS
Conversation starters HELLOS
Impassioned ARDENT
Olympic swimwear SPEEDOS
Water cooler ICE
Comic bark ARF
Less earthly EERIER
Campus epithet PROF
National sport in Nagano SUMO
Legal encumbrances LIENS
Prepare, as peapods DESTEM
Significant success TRIUMPH
11 Wall St. addressee NYSE
Predatory dolphin ORCA
Beat, as the Blackhawks OUTSKATE
Yankee Doodle Dandy’s kin UNCLESAM
Vegan staple SOY
Opens, as some sodas UNCAPS
Mentally quick NIMBLE
Opposite of ”alfresco” INDOOR
Periodic runner POL
Lose one’s cool ERUPT
Deep space ABYSS
Misty condition HAZE
Bob’s ”Price Is Right” successor DREW
Floored or frightened AWED
Screener’s org. TSA
Wish undone RUE
Tire gauge fig. PSI