News Day Crossword Answers August 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ability to work EFFICACY
Made like trundle beds SLIDABLE
Stubborn pair in a Seuss story THEZAX
Bunches of bees and blackbirds COLONIES
Super charge TENANT
Date-night destinations, perhaps ATMS
Surname that sounds like a newspaper DAILEY
Sign based on a Herculean labor LEO
__ money PIN
No longer benched SENTIN
Collar attachment BELL
Postgame report of a sort ILOST
Particulate collection SILT
Southwestern Queso brand LAYS
Errant, as some drives SLICED
Northern Irish city SLIGO
Billy Graham, by birth TARHEEL
Roulette table transaction EVENBET
Big name in Lincoln Continental history EDSEL
Spark good feelings ENDEAR
Far from bountiful SLIM
Home to five national parks UTAH
Regular in tanks TETRA
”The English Patient” nurse HANA
Fixes (into) EMBEDS
Something seen from Milan ALP
Stop quibbling ACT
Jelly spread with hors d’oeuvres STERNO
Trade in the ”Daily Mail” SWOP
Unbelted attire MUUMUU
Mideast capital ABUDHABI
Not cool UNICED
Traditional hula-skirt material TILEAVES
Device much used in ”Huckleberry Finn” SATIRE
Least flashy STAIDEST
Entertaining, often ESCAPIST
”Orbital battleship” video game FLOTILLA
43 Down genre FILMNOIR
They’re often said with raised hands IDOS
Eighty-six CAN
Last long ABIDE
Wins big, with ”up” CLEANS
Response to a skeptic YESITIS
Nebulous rumor source THEY
”__ pity scarce can wish it less!”: Byron EEN
Focus of many cities’ spring festivals AZALEA
Without hysteria SANELY
Rhapsodizes over EXTOLS
City where Pasteur was a college dean LILLE
No nag STEED
Word from Middle French for ”light brown” BLONDE
Conceptual framework SCHEMA
Obsolescence DESUETUDE
They’re bound to be refined GENTS
Aid offer LETME
Wakefulness indicator on EEGs BETAWAVE
Some external adipose tissue EARLOBES
Venerable beer brewer TRAPPIST
Subjects of much nutritional research LABRATS
Hardboiled novel stock character SHAMUS
Logical gap LACUNA
Pick up somehow INTUIT
Weed source of pollen for honeybees HENBIT
Obstetric aide DOULA
Side of a case SUER
Sardine cousin SHAD
Introducer of 1-800-COLLECT (1993) MCI
”Ad majorem __ gloriam” (Jesuit motto) DEI