News Day Crossword Answers August 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Ventricle outlet AORTA
Happen next ENSUE
Shore sound SURF
”Semper Fi” org. USMC
Some Muslims SHIAS
About to, informally GONNA
Fencing weapon EPEE
Mira who directed ”Amelia” NAIR
It’s taken on Boston’s Freedom Trail WALKINGTOUR
Oscar __ Renta DELA
Seethe FUME
Garfield’s pink girlfriend ARLENE
HP rival IBM
Not so inane SANER
Military outfit UNIT
”The Martian” agcy. NASA
Tablet downloads APPS
Heated big-league battle PENNANTRACE
Rough metal edges BURRS
Padre’s brother TIO
Stir up ROIL
Intern, for instance TRAINEE
Court statements ARGUMENTS
Garment attachment TAG
Henry Ford contemporary WALTERCHRYSLER
Big name in Western fiction ZANE
18 Down, for one ISLE
Court statement OATH
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
”Simpsons” bus driver OTTO
Biblical possessive THY
Valhalla VIP THOR
Love: Fr. AIME
Pedicure focus TOENAIL
”Tight” situation SQUEEZE
Make __ (be noisy) ADIN
Approximately ORSO
Sugar amt. TSP
Force out OUST
Polish, as a paper EDIT
Sandy fairway spot TRAP
Señora’s title DAMA
Strong denial LIES
Certain military technician WARRANTOFFICER
Birth announcement abbr. OZS
Rank reductions DEMOTIONS
Jeeves’ boss in Wodehouse stories WOOSTER
Eduardo’s emphatic assent SISI
Transcript stat. GPA
Peach __ (dessert serving) MELBA
Color close to turquoise PEACOCKBLUE
Tweeter in a tree BIRD
Cathedral seating PEWS
Higher than OVER
Tons and tons AHEAP
Kitten’s coat FUR
Duchess of Cambridge KATE
Cowpoke’s colleague PARD
Pair that surrounds the other six longest answers WARANDPEACE
Novelist Ferber EDNA
Limerick’s locale EIRE
”Precisely!” BINGO
”Julius Caesar” conspirator CASCA
Copy-room package REAM
Verve ELAN
Tweak or overhaul ALTER
”__ live nephew of my Uncle Sam” AREAL
Nile dam city ASWAN
Second word of ”Gone With the Wind” OHARA
Small brooks RILLS
Invitation to taste TAKEABITE
Z-zebra connection ASIN
Spur (on) EGG
Practice at some resorts NOTIPS
Hoity-toity types SNOBS
”One” on a dime UNUM
Musical talent EAR
Family car SEDAN
Wharton’s sch. UPENN
Brush up on RELEARN
”Don’t worry!” FEARNOT
Roll out UNFURL
Spa facility SAUNA
Emulate MIMIC
El Greco’s birthplace CRETE
Less distant NEARER
Samsung’s headquarters SEOUL
How frankfurters are typically sold PRECOOKED
Barnyard beasts PIGS
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
French article UNE
Pull out all the stops TRYHARD
Annoying fool TWIT
Overly adventurous RASH
Compatriot ALLY
Magazine illustrations ART
Cab fare calculator METER
Homonym for ”air” ERE
Brit’s ”Bye!” TATA
Prefix for social ANTI
Earth sci. GEOL
Dwell (on) HARP
Sector ZONE
Celebrity charisma STARPOWER
Steinway and __ SONS
Where a course begins TEE
Atmospheric obscurer HAZE
”Don’t mind __ do” IFI
State bordering three provinces MONTANA
”The Name of the Rose” author ECO
Some family members PETS
Water with no endpoint MOAT
Without help SOLO
Interrogate QUIZ
Partakes of USES
Social finesse TACT
”Peter Pan” pirate SMEE
Henry VIII’s sixth PARR
__ Jima IWO
ICU staffers RNS
Fade from sight DISAPPEAR
Make hastily RIGUP
Rock climber’s gear ROPE
In an envelope, perhaps FOLDED
Foist, with ”off” FOB
Italian Almighty DIO
Fugitive ESCAPEE
Mr. Gorbachev MIKHAIL
Barrel of laughs SCREAM
Illusory image MIRAGE
Hearth tool POKER
Weasel out of EVADE
Blue Cross competitor AETNA
Legendary Yankee catcher BERRA
Carrying cargo LADEN
Far from rare BURNT
Expunge ERASE
Contemporary witchcraft WICCA
Great bargain STEAL
Not work out FAIL
Shelter org. SPCA
Pugilist’s grp. WBA
”. . . __ iron bars a cage” NOR