News Day Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Run leisurely TROT
Lasting mark SCAR
Barber’s sharpener STROP
Astronauts’ agcy. NASA
Prepare to be photographed POSE
Wear away ERODE
Cash drawer TILL
Totally wreck RUIN
Stay home for supper EATIN
Where to wait for a flu shot DOCTORSOFFICE
Crude shelter HUT
Liquid for frying OIL
Gets the job done, informally CUTSIT
Performer’s role PART
Taking a vacation day OFF
Very pale ASHEN
Small town BURG
Wise advisor GURU
Where to wait to pay for groceries CHECKOUTCOUNTER
Barracks beds COTS
Breakfast roll with a hole BAGEL
Anger IRE
Shoreline indentations BAYS
Engines MOTORS
”You’ve got mail” Web company AOL
Briny body of water SEA
Where to wait for an underground train SUBWAYSTATION
Man-made waterway CANAL
Apple tablet computer IPAD
Eject, as a geyser SPEW
Licorice-flavored herb ANISE
Sport on horseback POLO
Not on time LATE
Try to prevent DETER
Meat potatoes dish STEW
Otherwise ELSE
Blasting material: Abbr. TNT
Sudden police action RAID
Capital of Norway OSLO
Bath powder TALC
Start to blossom SPROUT
Judge’s workplace COURT
With no warranty ASIS
Nevada casino city RENO
Believe appropriate SEEFIT
Hiking path TRAIL
College military grp. ROTC
Garfield’s pooch pal ODIE
Ballpoint PEN
”Use your head!” THINK
Do without FORGO
Spiny desert plants CACTI
Theater employee USHER
One of __ days (eventually) THESE
Splinter group SECT
Hole-finishing golf strokes PUTTS
Curved lines ARCS
Money spent OUTGO
Less restrained FREER
Rolls up, as a flag FURLS
Floating harbor marker BUOY
Pesky flying insect GNAT
City near Orlando OCALA
One scoring strikes and spares BOWLER
Grassy field MEADOW
Belittle ABASE
Not fresh, as bread STALE
Rational SANE
__ of measure (mile or quart) UNIT
Puppy sounds YIPS
Catch sight of SPOT
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Whitish gemstone OPAL
Table tennis dividers NETS
Unmannerly guy CAD
Very small WEE