News Day Crossword Answers December 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sailboat poles MASTS
Cleaning cloths RAGS
Religious group SECT
Censor audibly BLEEP
Give off EMIT
Eagle’s talon CLAW
Longtime microwave brand AMANA
Valentine sentiment LOVE
”Would __ to you?” ILIE
Container with a white condiment SALTSHAKER
Blaze FIRE
Blend together MIX
Light-bulb inventor EDISON
In peril ATRISK
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Fly high SOAR
Ticklish, red Muppet ELMO
Green citrus fruits LIMES
Artificial sweetener in packets SUGARSUBSTITUTE
Lock of hair TRESS
Great joy GLEE
Routing abbr. on an envelope ATTN
Carpenter’s clamp VISE
Brought to a stop HALTED
Prime-time hr. NINEPM
Program, as an alarm clock SET
On the summit of ATOP
Grinder holding a black condiment PEPPERMILL
Colt’s mother MARE
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Spooky EERIE
”So what __ is new?” ELSE
Very funny person RIOT
Group of workers STAFF
Salon colorings DYES
Change for a $20 bill TENS
Moral principle TENET
Finance degs. MBAS
__ mater ALMA
Make airtight SEAL
Camper’s shelter TENT
Muscle twitches SPASMS
Take a break RELAX
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Make a donation GIVE
Two-speaker sound system STEREO
”Star Trek” genre SCIFI
Historic immigration island ELLIS
Egypt’s capital CAIRO
11- or 12-year-old TWEEN
Walks in the wilderness HIKES
Local food shop DELI
Helper: Abbr. ASST
”Guided” vacation TOUR
Anger RAGE
Nest egg accts. IRAS
Walk leisurely AMBLE
Misplace LOSE
Carries with difficulty LUGS
Slanted typeface: Abbr. ITAL
Mixed-breed dog MUTT
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Drop in the mailbox SEND
”Please reply” letters RSVP
Giggling sound TEHEE
Bring in from overseas IMPORT
Taking a break ATREST
Identified NAMED
Rome’s country ITALY
From Oslo, for example NORSE
Fencing blades EPEES
Dalmatian’s markings SPOTS
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Lowly worker PEON
Parcel (out) METE
Teheran’s country IRAN
__ story (biography) LIFE
Went on one’s way LEFT