News Day Crossword Answers December 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Annoys IRKS
Milky gemstone OPAL
Milk that has no 33 Across SKIM
Be nosy SNOOP
”Me neither” NORI
Kournikova of tennis ANNA
Crown of a princess TIARA
Old furnace fuel COAL
Prefix for scope or vision TELE
Pt. opposite SSW NNE
Fill with dismay APPALL
Historical period ERA
Trees used for archery bows YEWS
The ”2%” of 2% milk FAT
Twofold DOUBLE
Farm soil EARTH
Coffee alternative TEA
Bogged down MIRED
Discover by careful observation SPYOUT
Paintings, sculptures, etc. ART
Warty hopper TOAD
Police vehicle PROWLCAR
Pie in the __ (unrealistic prospect) SKY
Ashen complexion PALLOR
Potpie legume PEA
Prefix for final SEMI
Red emergency vehicle FIREENGINE
Not a duplicate: Abbr. ORIG
Working busily ATIT
Ocean’s highs and lows TIDES
Close by, poetically NIGH
Religious offshoot SECT
Watchful ALERT
Piggy bank opening SLOT
Genealogy chart TREE
Starring role LEAD
”What’s __ for me?” INIT
Lion’s warning ROAR
Moslem holy book KORAN
Gives rise to SPAWNS
A single time ONCE
Low-quality POOR
Where Noah’s Ark landed ARARAT
Frog’s perch in a pond LILYPAD
Red Yuletide costume SANTASUIT
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Counting everything INALL
Chess game ending MATE
Thoroughfares that may cross aves. STS
Burger meat BEEF
High-school dance PROM
What contact lenses are placed on EYES
Bring in a harvest REAP
Out of whack AWRY
Have dinner EAT
Pilfer STEAL
Red traffic signal STOPLIGHT
Male sibs BROS
Faucet problem LEAK
Whirlpool EDDY
Fling forcefully HURL
Circle segment ARC
Over the speed limit TOOFAST
Mailing-box sealer TAPE
Novelist or columnist WRITER
Limo for a 24 Down, for example RENTAL
Great danger PERIL
Mexican friend AMIGO
Limber AGILE
Male children SONS
Pasta alternative RICE
Ending for luncheon ETTE
Creative thought IDEA
Uncool person NERD
Superlative suffix EST