News Day Crossword Answers December 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
__ Raton, FL BOCA
Straight from the garden FRESH
Drove too fast SPED
Iridescent gem OPAL
Juliet’s love ROMEO
Canine visitor to Oz TOTO
”Tonight Show” host before Fallon LENO
Bother incessantly EATAT
Curved doorway ARCH
Tailor’s measurement TROUSERSLENGTH
Summer shoe SANDAL
Director Spike or Ang LEE
Strong drain cleaner LYE
Performed DID
Bikini part BRA
Fields of expertise AREAS
Leave in a hurry FLEE
Bovine bellows MOOS
Dealership displays CARS
Boxing match BOUT
Overly demanding BOSSY
Long-running NBC weekend show SNL
Pigsty PEN
Bro or sis SIB
__ for the course (normal) PAR
Subtly suggests GETSAT
Learned thoroughly STUDIEDINDEPTH
Wood strip SLAT
Justice Samuel ALITO
”Sound off” remote button MUTE
Small clue HINT
More cordial NICER
Stiffly formal PRIM
Unable to sit still EDGY
Summons from a teacher SEEME
In years past ONCE
Door fasteners BOLTS
Gig for a soprano OPERA
Religious doctrine CANON
So all can hear ALOUD
Without hindrance FREELY
Crowd sound ROAR
CPR experts EMTS
Aquatic mammal with whiskers SEAL
Innkeeper HOTELIER
Performer’s platform STAGE
Place to dock PORT
Engrave deeply ETCH
Homer Simpson shout DOH
Tex-Mex dip SALSA
Homer Simpson neighbor NED
Zac of ”High School Musical” EFRON
What IOUs represent DEBTS
Physiques, informally BODS
Goes bad ROTS
Very pale ASHY
Fundamentals ABCS
TV host Seacrest RYAN
British nobleman EARL
Expresses relief AHS
Baton Rouge sch. LSU
Onetime Chinese chairman MAO
Spaniards, for example IBERIANS
Flowed back EBBED
Knee protector PAD
Pretend not to hear IGNORE
Pane sealant PUTTY
Musical pace TEMPO
Reject with scorn SPURN
Storage spot ATTIC
Main subject THEME
Rode (down), as a banister SLID
Zesty flavor TANG
Writer Wiesel ELIE
Board-game cubes DICE
Agenda entry ITEM
”Steady as __ goes!” SHE