News Day Crossword Answers December 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Bridges in films JEFF
Acted out without words MIMED
Tapers off EBBS
Henry Ford contemporary OLDS
Clamorous, as a crowd AROAR
Front of a ship PROW
Send forth EMIT
Jazz genre SALSA
South Asian garment SARI
Wrangler’s accessories COWHIDEGLOVES
Pope during WWII PIUS
Charitable ones DONORS
Pompous one ASS
Swim meet outfits SPEEDOS
Spare expenses SKIMP
Solemn assurance VOW
Cuban sandwich ingredient PORK
CinemaScope production WIDESCREENMOVIE
Shangri-la EDEN
Have control of RUN
Major olive oil producer ITALY
IDs of a sort DOGTAGS
Arles article LES
Groundhog Day concern SHADOW
Bygone bird DODO
Volume with a jacket HARDCOVERBOOK
The rain in Spain AGUA
All-important VITAL
Most of 2017’s pennies ZINC
Deep red RUBY
Bring joy to ELATE
Island near Corsica ELBA
Paella veggies PEAS
Trip odometer button RESET
Luminary STAR
”Average” guy JOE
Street often near Maple ELM
Bank acct. backer FDIC
Aperture setting FSTOP
Fusion of miscellany MASHUP
Poker declaration IRAISE
Ingot shaper MOLD
Become less burdensome EASE
Antonym of 65 Across DRAGDOWN
Seiko’s printer brand EPSON
Encouraging word BRAVO
Cornfield pest BORER
Sandwich staple SWISS
Thin streaks WISPS
Acapulco article LOS
” . . . even __ speak” ASWE
Losing streak SKID
Debate position SIDE
Recreational calendar entry EVENT
Female rabbit DOE
Blokes MEN
Home for a houseplant POT
Running track, e.g. OVAL
Critical elements KEYS
Boast rudely about CROWOVER
It may be under the sofa RUG
Bugs Bunny address DOC
Mag rep’s quote ADRATE
Piece of stemware GOBLET
Pointed, as a comment SHARP
The __, Netherlands HAGUE
Possession of the Netherlands ARUBA
Decisive times DDAYS
Exudes OOZES
Very unpleasant VILE
Flight data ETAS
Symbol of Scotland KILT
League often seen on ESPN NBA
Big ”Price is Right” prize CAR