News Day Crossword Answers December 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Electric razor inventor SCHICK
Impatient stance AKIMBO
What tiramisu may be spiked with MARSALA
Star-struck emulator WANNABE
Annual lava-desert bike racers IRONMEN
Mellow country music artist CROONER
GPS displays RDS
Unlucky symbol BADOMEN
Canon introduction of 1959 SLR
Volume enhancement RISE
Step in uranium decay RADON
What may grow out of Garfield CHIA
Nonstop ONEND
Title for a fed. judge HON
Acquisition expedition QUEST
Popular pencil material of yore REDCEDAR
Only Greek state motto EUREKA
Needing restraint, perhaps OVEREAGER
Be on a first-name basis with? STARIN
Not quite self-evident ARGUABLE
Passover casserole KUGEL
Gold to Go dispenser, e.g. ATM
Be recruited ENROL
It’s south of Minneapolis on I-35 AMES
Is a bad influence (on) PREYS
Certain ”breakfast” food TACO
MLB TV licensee TBS
Dessert with milk SHERBET
Source of many a legend MAP
Antonym of ”cold” AMIABLE
Word that originally meant ”gondola race” REGATTA
Serrated tools SICKLES
Cheyenne Frontier Days events RODEOS
Long reviews, essentially ESSAYS
Fish name derived from an Italian island SARDINE
Risked the wrath of CROSSED
Jewelry Television competitor HSN
”But, soft!”, for instance IAMB
Self-evident CLEAR
What a Kabul highway connects to KANDAHAR
Exclamation of frustration AWCMON
Meryl Oscar-nominated role of 1983 and 1985 KAREN
Not excluded from INON
Trio just under 3 MNO
Ghost story screamer BANSHEE
Egyptian structure in St. Peter’s Square OBELISK
Move from right to left? MIRROR
Slip of slips ERRATA
What a pump might hold ODOREATER
Added numbers ENCORES
Tangy tart tidbit CURRANT
”A subtle worm,” per Upton Sinclair DEVIL
Group of waiters QUEUE
Day’s-end retreat DEN
__ white EGG
Douglas MacArthur was born on one ARMYBASE
Person needing sharp blades SKATER
Something lifted in some locks TUMBLER
Way back when AGESAGO
Annoyingly pointed BRAMBLY
Bonds on the run ELOPES
Still, for example PHOTO
Big users of highways SEMIS
Venue SITE
Obsessive behavior TICS
Slight touch TAD
Going by at times AKA