News Day Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Highly attentive RAPT
Stock up on AMASS
Corrosive compound ACID
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Slacken off, as rainfall LETUP
Mama’s mate PAPA
Wind-direction indicator VANE
Bowling lane ALLEY
Say grace, for example PRAY
Greek sandwich holder with a pocket PITABREAD
Aces and jacks CARDS
Brings under control TAMES
Bell-shaped spring flower LILY
Short putts TAPINS
”Scram!” GETLOST
Had sore muscles ACHED
Go running after CHASE
Teachers’ org. NEA
Corporate heads: Abbr. CEOS
Homes for hens COOPS
Help with, as a crime ABET
Model airplane package KIT
Army drill instructor, informally SARGE
Hold responsible BLAME
What warehouses and attics are used for STORAGE
Inadequate in quantity MEAGER
Top-rated AONE
”Bucking” rodeo horse BRONC
Dinner course with lettuce SALAD
Billiards hall feature with pockets POOLTABLE
Recedes EBBS
Puffy sky sight CLOUD
Lion sound ROAR
Share a border with ABUT
Wallpaper adhesive PASTE
”Guided” vacation TOUR
Scottish caps TAMS
Started a poker pot ANTED
Concludes ENDS
Abbreviation on an invitation RSVP
Jai __ ALAI
Football kick PUNT
International agreements TREATIES
Clock radios’ buzzers ALARMS
Big brawl MELEE
Book of maps ATLAS
Took to court SUED
Undercover agent SPY
Fill with dismay APPALL
Frequent flier’s tote with pockets CARRYONBAG
Apple’s tablet computer IPAD
Portions of a week DAYS
”Marching” musical group BAND
Quote as a reference CITE
Not as expensive LESS
Bulletin board fasteners TACKS
Do great on a test ACEIT
Book with pockets for snapshots PHOTOALBUM
Stare in amazement GAPE
Message from a supervisor SEEME
Potato, informally TATER
Center of an apple CORE
Animal in a pigpen HOG
Zoo enclosure CAGE
Priced separately, on a menu ALACARTE
Beach surface SAND
Flexed BENT
Beef entrées cooked in the oven ROASTS
Shaped, as with clay MOLDED
Helpful upward push BOOST
Itinerary ROUTE
Sofa or bench SEAT
”Mamma Mia!” singing group ABBA
Prepare for, as a vacation PLAN
Timely benefit BOON
Praise highly LAUD
Makes mistakes ERRS
Tax expert: Abbr. CPA