News Day Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Wild hog BOAR
Performed a dramatic role ACTED
Sit (down) heavily PLOP
Well-qualified ABLE
Durable pants fabric CHINO
It’s above the attic ROOF
Typical New Delhi worshiper HINDU
Night-flying birds OWLS
Prefix meaning ”recent” NEO
Boy king of Egypt TUT
Mannerism TRAIT
Small sample of soup SIP
”Is that too much __?” TOASK
Sports officials, for short REFS
Three-color housecat CALICO
__ Beta Kappa PHI
On very short notice ATTHEDROPOFAHAT
Opposite of post- PRE
How dishes are often sold ASASET
Droop, as flowers WILT
More achy SORER
Altitudes: Abbr. HTS
In an inept way BADLY
24-hr. cash dispenser ATM
Source of acorns OAK
Achievement to be proud of FEATHERINTHECAP
Weak, as an excuse LAME
Like skim milk, as on labels NOFAT
__ Scotia, Canada NOVA
At any time EVER
Rob, informally SWIPE
Larger-than-life tale EPIC
Declare untrue DENY
Autumn flower ASTER
Cubicle furniture DESK
Unkind remark BARB
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Give a shiny new surface to REFINISH
Sound of a sneeze ACHOO
Place for a goatee CHIN
Fork prong TINE
Brings to a close ENDS
Be uncertain about DOUBT
”On the double!” PRONTO
Grassy front yard LAWN
Stare at OGLE
Nuisance PEST
Take-home pay NET
Needing to reorder OUTOF
Golf course hazards TRAPS
Fashionably nostalgic RETRO
Later on AFTER
Wife of Abraham SARAH
”You defeated me” ILOST
Plumbing conduits PIPES
Rose garden insect APHID
Fully intends to SHALL
Young pet that purrs KITTY
LP successors CDS
Foldaway bed COT
Astronauts’ final destination EARTH
Roused from sleep AWAKENED
Casual restaurant EATERY
Scrooge’s cry BAH
High-IQ club MENSA
River mammal OTTER
Ran away FLED
Roof overhang EAVE
Prayer conclusion AMEN
Uses oars ROWS
”__ ain’t broke . . .” IFIT
Back of the neck NAPE
Manage somehow COPE
Hertz competitor AVIS
Fill one’s suitcase PACK