News Day Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
__ Lee cakes SARA
Minor error SLIP
Shape of a face OVAL
Deep sleep COMA
Inflexible RIGID
Give up, as territory CEDE
Stadium crowd sound ROAR
Insurance broker AGENT
British bat-and-ball competition CRICKETMATCH
Double-curve ESS
Woolly female EWE
Of food programs DIETARY
Back-to-health program, for short REHAB
Drizzles or showers RAINS
Compete VIE
Apple desktop computer MAC
Flavor enhancer initials MSG
Police officers, informally COPS
Star-Kist competitor BUMBLEBEETUNA
Money in Mexico PESO
Neighbor of Tarzan APE
Knight’s title SIR
Brewery product ALE
24 sheets of paper QUIRE
Take home a shelter animal ADOPT
”The Blue Danube” composer STRAUSS
Cold-cream container JAR
Neither here __ there NOR
Inept soldier of the comics BEETLEBAILEY
Secret stockpile CACHE
Frilly, as some wedding gowns LACY
Petty complaints NITS
”French” soup ingredient ONION
CPR experts EMTS
Assemble, as a sweater KNIT
Top-billed performers STARS
Backtalk SASS
Parts of a min. SECS
World Cup sport SOCCER
Reluctant AVERSE
Pungent salad veggie RADISH
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Wood fastener SCREW
Thief during a power outage LOOTER
Mosque leader IMAM
Blissful place PARADISE
Tracks down TRACES
”That’s correct!” RIGHT
Loud noise DIN
Summer hrs. in Pittsburgh EDT
Meat grilled on a skewer KEBAB
Slight hints of color TINGES
River near Shakespeare’s home AVON
Morning TV host Kelly RIPA
”I agree!” YES
Bullets, for short AMMO
Traffic light color AMBER
Contract section CLAUSE
Bit of Miss Muffet’s meal CURD
Suspenders alternative BELT
Software purchaser USER
New Testament letters EPISTLES
Headgear for a princess TIARA
Faux __ (minor error) PAS
Powerful chess pieces QUEENS
Pops out, as a DVD EJECTS
Connected to the Internet ONLINE
Written in verse POETIC
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Detest ABHOR
Bottomless pit ABYSS
The Dalai __ LAMA
Printers’ supplies INKS
Businesses: Abbr. COS
Bug in a colony ANT
Espionage org. CIA