News Day Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Criticize, so to speak RIP
Monomaniacal mariner of fiction AHAB
Span supporters CABLES
Go wrong ERR
Formal denial NOTI
”Star Trek” director J.J. ABRAMS
Too __ to __ SOONTELL
Playful knuckle rub NOOGIE
Evolve, as events UNFOLD
Opera house exclamation BRAVA
Half of a ”game” pair MOUSE
Too __ to __ POOPEDPOP
Where some MDs work ERS
Smart TV brand RCA
Industrious ones BEAVERS
Gets it SEES
Certain drive-thru convenience ATM
Ankara cash LIRAS
Too __ to __ HOTHANDLE
One with billing issues, perhaps ACTOR
Witty bit PUN
Ride with the air WAFT
Collected abundantly RAKEDIN
Important physics equation LAW
Part of TNT TRI
Too __ to __ CLOSECALL
City near Düsseldorf ESSEN
Fuming IRATE
Very generous gratuities CNOTES
Whole Foods buyer (2017) AMAZON
Too __ to __ GOODLAST
Group cry for help SAVEUS
Very dark INKY
Hyundai rival KIA
As quickly as possible PRESTO
Casual wear TEES
Corn holder EAR
Gets back to work RESUMES
Smelter stuff IRONORE
Extravagant PROFUSE
Part of a Bullwinkle costume ANTLER
Ready for planting, perhaps HOED
Busiest airport in the southern US ATL
”The Hobbit” hero BILBO
Banquet nibble CANAPE
First and foremost ABOVEALL
Video streaming delay LAG
Early Beatles record label EMI
GPS reading SSE
Stats, for short NOS
Plunder ROB
Place to hike PATH
According to PER
Feast-famine connector ORA
Letter closers, briefly PSS
Half of a ”game” pair CAT
Zappos stats SHOESIZES
GPS display MAP
Get dinner delivered ORDEROUT
No longer in effect NULL
”CSI” specimen DNA
Pendulum path ARC
State school, for short CAL
Ring physician’s decision TKO
On the line ATSTAKE
Flower in herbal shampoo FREESIA
Old West symbol TINSTAR
Boaster’s assurance ICANSO
Major leaguer with a ”W” cap NAT
Drive-thru operator WENDYS
On the level LEGIT
Sonoran sun SOL
Sprite sister brand COKE
Shakesperean slitherer ASP
Scratch up MAR
GPS display AVE
Unspecified individual ONE