News Day Crossword Answers December 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
FDA’s department HHS
Laughter, so to speak YUKS
Eastern European CROAT
Hummer forerunner JEEP
Confess AVOW
Sparrow relatives LARKS
Spanish stewpot OLLA
Freshens, as for stamping REINKS
Verdi’s love AMORE
Gourmet mushroom ENOKI
Big Apple athlete KNICK
Life of the party, perhaps WIT
Cowpoke in action LASSOER
Adidas alternative KSWISS
Gaming floor array SLOTS
Place to spend a 23 Down OSLO
Exemplars of bad puns KNOCKKNOCKJOKES
Take a fancy to LIKE
Frightfully bizarre EERIE
Turbulent state UNREST
Slow symphonic movements ADAGIOS
Apology starter MEA
Lively, as prose CRISP
Astronomical sightings NOVAE
M&M’s exterior SHELL
Many-acred abode ESTATE
City on the Mississippi KEOKUKIOWA
From here __ (hence) ONIN
Math graph component YAXIS
Mil. mail centers APOS
Build-it-yourself retailer IKEA
Loses altitude DROPS
Rink feint DEKE
Pine product TAR
Capital northeast of Boise HELENA
Greek sun god HELIOS
Punishes Junior, old-style SPANKS
Won’t shut up YAKS
Hoops rival of Duke UVA
Sacred text KORAN
Hindu honorific SWAMI
Law firm staffers CLERKS
Something stored in a shed RAKE
”. . . __ quit!” ORI
Breed recognition org. AKC
Exclamation of repudiation TSK
Superman’s dad JOREL
Metronome sound TOCK
Mall hall stall KIOSK
Coin of Northern Europe KRONE
Erstwhile Tide competitor WISK
Key, for example ISLE
Possessive often seen near ”lo mein” TSOS
Yellowstone grazer ELK
Seek favor from WOO
Sandal’s lack TOE
Deep-six SCRAP
”America’s Got Talent” judge KLUM
End of a think-ahead adage NINE
Pickling candidate OKRA
Capital of Colorado CEE
Be facetious KID
27 Across attire JEANS
Go downhill fast SCHUSS
No walk in the park TREK
”Get started!” GOTOIT
First daughter after Malia IVANKA
More grainy, in a way OATIER
”I’ve Just __ Face” (Beatles tune) SEENA
Venerable war story ILIAD
Inclination or declination SLOPE
Take a pass on SKIP
Move very slowly EASE
Elizabethan dramatist KYD
Tenor’s talent EAR
Nonwinning game line OXO
Braising vessel WOK